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"Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a Sword!"-- Christ Jesus

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Status: Havent been on here in years.... been through alot of growth since then so i hope to get this page in order so i can share my experiences and the wisdon that Our lord has shared with me
34 years old
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I love to Help at the food pantry serving the helpless and homeless, Reading the precious Word of God and spending time with those I love in Life!

Bible-Kjv/Nkjv- watchman nee, Andrew Murray

The Passion of the Christ, Saving Pvt Ryan

Any music that has a meaning for me that is ment to touch my heart and soul!

03/21/2008 17:58:05

A Closer Walk with the Spirit

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Status: Havent been on here in years.... been through alot of growth since then so i hope to get this page in order so i can share my experiences and the wisdon that Our lord has shared with me

Hey, I'm Tony... I'm 24, I'm from jackson, Mi. I've been through alot in life, But I think that struggles make you stronger and you learn from everything in life! The person I love the most once told me that the best life you can lead is an honest, hard-working life! So I try to portray that in everything I do... be honest and work hard at it. I like to consider myself a very unique person because i have been though alot in my life, i have always wondered why i have been through all the rancid things i have but the Lord is opening my eyes and heart to a purpose that I would have never dreamed possible for me to accomplish! I have always been a Follower of christ But There is a big difference between Believeing in Christ and Walking In Christ... I see that when you walk in christ your life becomes empowered and the Spirit that resides in you will compell you to do things you never would do on your own! All of us serve a purpose top serve god but most of us never can figure out how were gonna do it... thats the thing.... WE DONT ! Lol Paraise God! I'm thankful that He opened my eyes to the fact that i'm not alone on this earth.. and neither are you.. your life can be empowered by Christ aswell! If you have tryed before and just couldnt get it feel free to come talk to me maybe I know somethings that could help you experience the power that God Has givin us through our Lord and Savior Christ jesus! Grace and Peace to all my fellow brothers ans Sisters! ~Always In Christ~

Honest and Open individuals that are willing to listen and learn... Some people forget that knowledge is given of God, and when someone my age wants to talk to them and give them insperation they dont listen... I might not be that old but the lord will bless accordingly!

SATAN, and any influence he has in my life!

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04/24/2008 22:15:48
Hiya! I am well too thanks. Been blessed with a new job and started there this week. The Lord is good always as this new job is in so many ways better then the previous one!  How are things in Jackson?

04/14/2008 22:27:01
Hey how's you?

03/26/2008 21:40:39
You too. Hows it goin?

03/25/2008 16:45:58

Well ran into a small glinch in what I was telling you about going into Albany for a month, the mission was full so I'' stay in Rensselaer and simply deal with the bus situation. In any case I led one man to the Lord and witnessed to several others on the street with my music (sort of a folk rock style) and simply through talking with them from time to time. However, it was well excepted and the key is to continue to minister on a regular basis and will be able to do more as time goes by.

Tommorrow I will attend the christian church in Rensselaer for their wedsenday evening service. To my experience this should be mostly the inner circle of the church, in any case arrive early and leave late and try to get some understanding where they are at as far as reaching the people and to set up a meeting with their pastor and to see where they desire to go.

Talk to you soon, God bless you


03/24/2008 03:29:32

Hey brother Thanks for your letter it was surely a blessing. Don't be too concerned however about how God's going to use you, He already knows and is preparing you already, He'll tell you when He had readied you, but there I am sure things you can do at the church you're going to, remember it is at your local church where God wants you to be right now, to two primary reasons:

1. The church was designed by God Himself to be a training ground for the saints, which you as a born again believer surely are.

2. You need to get envolved within a particular ministry, the best way of doing this is to attend the various ministry meetings if possible and then ask the Lord, "Is this it Lord." He'll let you know and if you hear nothing in your spirit, then go on to the next, you'll know simply trust in His guidence and pray continuously in your spirit. Remember true christianity is not a religion, it is a way of life, so allow God to build you as He sees fit and Learn to crawl before you begin running. There are those days when I'd rather be crawling than having to run. 

Check out the new blog it is will take hold of the page, though I believe you have already read much of what this short journey will entail. I've pacted my camera, so I can document some of the journey. Well it's 11:30 p.m. here and I have to get some rest, hope to God anyways to so I can be all ready to catch the bus into the city in the morning.

A Super size God Bless you and talk to you in as soon a s I can.

Don't forget to check out the the new blog and I will create new ones hopefully each week while I'm on this journey. Again God Bless.


03/24/2008 00:29:38

Hey, read your blog , very good, YEah, I know the struggles that the enemy can throw against us, I'm 50 and sold out for Christ for live, and though I struggle with life and in ministry I know that I am highly blessed and highly favored, because God's bringing me somewhere to be a blessing to someone in need.

You mentioned that Jesus was a man, that is true, here's a little meat for you to chew. We inherit the blood of our father when we are born. Our earthly father who we are off springs of, we inherited his blood this is why we have asin nature, it in our blood. Jesus' did not have that sin nature, though if He had chose to sin He surely could had, however it was not in His nature, because His Father was God and God has no sin, therefore Jesus also was without sin, the nature or desire to sin was not in us, this ois was it is so important for each of us to seek Him daily and soley rely upon Him, amen. We who have sin nature can not help but to be sinful, so we must strive always to seek and rely on Him who has not sin nature inside of Him. Praise God for Jesus' amen.

I had no idea I was going to say all that, I just thought I'd let you know that you're in my friends corner.

I will not be around a computer as much, beginning tomorrow, I'm heading over to Albany N.Y. to stay at a mission there so I can seek out a ministry here that either has or desires to have an out reach ministry that wants to impact their community.

You see several years ago I gave evrything way to serve Jesus totally and yes I have had trials from time to time, and like Jesus I don't have a home of my own. If you read my blogs then you know what I had been doing up to a couple of weeks ago. I worked most of my life up to four and a half years ago, had my own company and then I was called into full time ministry. What excites me about this journey I'm on, it has to be 100% Him, because I really have little if anycontrol over what happens next.

I am working on some ministry stuff and I'm believing He will guide me but all I know is that the journey I'm on is radical to the norm and that works for me cause I'm not of the norm.

God bless you friend, what I read about you, I can only see that God has something for you to do. It's excellent that you're a hard worker, have you ever concidered the missions field.

Again God Bless


03/23/2008 15:18:57
Thank you, I'll keep that in mind.

03/22/2008 22:46:50
Hello Tony, thank you for the welcome.  I read what you have written about how there is a difference between believing in God and actually walking in Him, and I have to say, I agree. I always feel lifted at the times when my faith is the strongest. It's amazing.

03/22/2008 03:06:35
Thanks for the add!

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