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Columbia, Pennsylvania
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family tree (genealogy) research,traced some of my ancestors back to the early 1600's! A very interesting hobby!
love to read,native american history,my own native past,computers,nature photography

The Bible,"Jesus Freaks- Martyrs" by dcTalk and The Voice of the Martyrs,"In The Grip of Grace" by Max Lucado,"Scarred" by Dave Roever, "Rebel With a Cause" by Franklin Graham, "Through Gates of Splendor" by Elisabeth Elliot,"The Savage,My Kinsman" by Elisabeth Elliot, "No Compromise"-The Life Story of Keith Green

Fireproof,Passion of the Christ,Dances With Wolves,good clean comedy

Casting Crowns,Newsboys,Margaret Becker,David Phelps,Jason Upton,Third Day,MercyMe,Sandi Patty,Jeremy Camp,Todd Agnew,older contemporary Christian music,I could just go on and on...

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Hello,my name is Whitewolf. I live here in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania with my wife of 20+ years,Shirley,and our African Gray parrot,Lakota. I am the owner of NewLifeWithin.com. We are a Christian owned and operated business offering you a huge selection of great Christian products,from books,music,and videos,to bibles,jewelry,apparel,gifts,and more at discount prices. No minimum purchase order required. And with over 160,000 items in stock you're sure to find some great selections to inspire,teach,and encourage you in your walk with the Lord,as well as many things that you just won't find in those big,secular department store chains!

Our mission here at NewLifeWithin.com is to help fulfill the Great Commission by spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through our huge selection of great Christian products.
Many people have found hope,encouragement,and even healing through a book that they've read,or a song that has touched their heart in a special way,and we're happy to be able to bring those kinds of products to you.

So come on in,relax a bit, and see what we have to offer. NewLifeWithin.com-Christian books,music,& more!

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Many of us associate our most deeply-held convictions with a single, life-changing experience. Others have always held certain beliefs sacred. In either case, it is important to talk about our experience and share our story or testimony.

This is my story,this is my song...

I was born here in Pennsylvania, the youngest of five children. My early years were fairly normal, nothing dramatic. I often lost myself in my books,of which I had many. Reading was always something I enjoyed very much. I went to church occasionally,usually when visiting my grandparents,but never really understood about salvation. I heard that Jesus died on the cross for our sins,but what sins? What did I do that was so terrible? I was just a kid.

As I got older, I fell into the wrong crowd,drinking,spending much of my time in the street. Not that I didn't have a home,but just dealing with so many issues. Anger and bitterness seemed to be an ongoing problem in my life.Angry that life wasn't going the way I thought it should,and mad at the world. My life was spiraling out of control as I allowed the bitterness to consume me.

I hang out with a pretty rough crowd back then and I remember one day in particular, a group of us walked into this little store where we knew the owners, a middle-aged Asian couple. I had not been in their store for quite some time and on seeing me enter, one of them said,"I haven't seen you in a while,where've you been,in jail?"

Guess I was in shock at first,then I thought, is this what people think when they see me,that I'm either headed for prison,or the grave? Several that I knew growing up ended up that way. Was I next?

One night I became so desperate for a change in my life that I finally cried out to God. If He was real,if He really cared about me then He had to change me,because I couldn't. I was so tired of my life,tired of feeling so alone,tired of hurting others. And the Lord met me right where I was. Not condemning me,but loving me through all my failures.

It hasn't been an easy road.The healing didn't happen overnight,but He has always been there. And finally,the anger and bitterness is GONE! No more drinking to drown out my pain. Jesus gave me a new heart. I don't feel alone anymore because I know the Lord is here with me. He has given me peace and joy like I've never known.

Accepting the Lord as my Savior has been the most wonderfully,awesome relationship I could ever imagine. He has been my strength,my joy,and my comfort,and best of all, my closest friend!

Sometimes I look back and think how my life could have ended up without the Lord, and it's not a very pleasant thought.He has been so good to me!

Praise God for His Awesome love!

contemporary Christian music mostly,though my musical tastes are quite varied,everything from rock to classical.

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