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Items I'm Praying For Category Requester Answered
Tethered Cord Surgery Other JonHutcherson No
Father Having Surgery Family JonHutcherson No
Need a job ASAP, Please Pray! Financial RebeccaSue No
Prayer warriors for my mom Family Sndchanzer87 No
Pray for Jobs Financial DanielWarby No
Need my income to improve ASAP! Financial RebeccaSue No
Remove Anger from my Heart Other Anonymous No
Prayer For Robin Williams Other americanrose No
Mom needs prayer Family Believes Yes
Please pray Family cyndi4him No
Friend Friends Anonymous No
In the Middle Friends christina_noelle29 No
My son's incarceration Family Anonymous No
Wheelchair Van Needed Financial Desire2Live4Him No
dad's health Family rambo4chunties No
Helpless Other theskatinjf No
Please pray for my dad.... Friends Steven-Terry No
Suffering with a concussion... Other AlwayzBelieve No
Please help everyone :) Church/Organization Lizxoz No
for T Other beloved82 No
for me to trust that Jesus has saved me Other beloved82 No
for M Other beloved82 No
for my sister Family Anonymous No
Prayer For David Friends americanrose Yes
plz pray for me Other godgirl No
pray for my brother Family mrspeggy Yes
Help.... Other therealandy No
wife has health issues Family shipscrew No
need restoration Family shipscrew No
Trusting God Family Katperritte No
i feel lost Other prodicaldaughter No
Family Prayer Family Steps_of_Faith No
Prayer Other JesusRocks92 No
SAFETY Family kobraisking No
Prayer for my step-children Family thewhitpit No
Prayers for Family Family TimAndOlivia No
My better half in Afghanistan Other Anonymous No
Prayers for my mom Financial moondustdesigns No
Please pray for my daughter Family LovedbytheLord No
A prayer request Other Anonymous No
Need Prayer for I am hurt Other FootPrints09 No
My friend Zach Friends hannahnicole8 No
My Dad Family Anonymous No
family Family Anonymous No
business n life Work/Business sharlene No
help!!! Other Anonymous No
Jealousy Other Smoothann No
A Job for my Husband Family ChelseaNicoleWarren No
Need to be a light... School breathoflife No
broken marriage Family God_IS_Hope No
Any Warriors Out There? Other ShellM No
Any Warriors Out There? Other ShellM No
plz pray Other angeleyes3120 No
Pray for me plz Family angeleyes3120 No
Addiction Other tenderheart28 No
My Son Family Kyndriatta_Mutambwe No
my mom Family jaleepop No
Melanoma Cancer Family Jackie_Moo No
Need Serious Prayer Partners Other ShellM No
Loneliness Family Anonymous No
16year old friend has liver failure Family Jamiegrl3 Yes
My Dad Died on 2-1-2012 Family RebeccaSue No
Getting closer to God. Other Jordan_Combs No
Deaf church opening in Sallisaw, OK Church/Organization Preacher4Deaf No
******URGENT PRAYER REQUEST******* Family Tigger16 No
finances Financial sandy66 No
Healing Family RyanBrown No
Prayer For Job Work/Business ServingChrist No
my mom Family hezekiah No
Mr Other Anonymous No
dad update prayer Family lol_chicka09 No
my seizures Family countrygirl824 No
moms health Family miranda97 No
daughter's pregnancy Family gnatsmom No
Christian School School gnatsmom No
7week old baby is near death Other praisehim4ever No
tina School tinamariemiller No
MY TWO SONS Family Joyous4jesus No
BAD NEWS.... Other elliedunn1145 No
Tough Times Family Anonymous No
Aunt Lo Lo Family Donald No
Young and slowly dying Friends Anonymous No
Letter to all Prayer Warriors Other AdaFitchcsc No
Attack Friends billevans1 Yes
Daughter and grandbabies Family preciousrubie3110 No
need emotional healing Other Joyous4jesus No
Broken marriage Family aehp703 No
I Need Healing Other pauls_wife No
** Woman may lose baby ** Friends Alzora2 Yes
Jesus Family fabyluvzya No
Life is unbearable at the moment Other Girl_A No
Please pray now Friends Anonymous No
prayer for healing in body Family Joyusnjesus No
true forgiveness and forgetting Other Joyusnjesus No
Surgery Family AwesomeGod Yes
My dad Family jmartin38 No
Passing of a little girl. Friends Crazyalygator No
death in highschool Other yahbuddy123 No
Little Josef Parker Other elliedunn1145 No
Unsaved loved ones Family billevans1 No
prayer for wrist pain Other PastorZomok No
URGENT PRAY REQUEST Friends Jesuslover4life No
broken Other shinningstar No
Please pray for me Other amykins No
weight issues Other Jesuslover4life No
I need prayer Other Jesusgirlnow No
praying Work/Business phyllis14425 No
Check Up Foir Cancer Of Thyroids... Family Ellie1142545 Yes
My mother Financial aj1374 No
2 teens killed in car wreck Other Dillon_287 No
prayer for my nephew Family AwesomeGod No
Prayer Request Please Other mcjccar No
From My Niece Sheri: Other Ellie1142545 No
I need prayer for me Other countrygal86 No
Need a Breakthrough Other ebonylowe No
Life. Other Fastpitch_baby No
depressed Other Anonymous No
Samantha Family nightfall439 No
Grandma Has Chest Pains Family Jamiegrl3 No
ali Friends Anonymous No
My back/leg pain is BACK! Other herfatherseyes2 No
prayer for a new home Financial ivyoreste No
Teenage Car accident in small town:( Friends toribaby3002 No
please pray for sister Family littlebird221 No
Prayer for a friend Friends AwesomeGod No
Pray for my sister, Hope Family herfatherseyes2 Yes
Unemployed Work/Business EyesonJesus No
Lost in life Other Delilah2010 No
White spots Other GraceChick No
breaking down Family kdluvsjc19 No
Having back pains again. :( Other herfatherseyes2 No
Earthquake in China Other Anonymous No
My Family Family elias777 No
Humility Other Christ_Soldier_86 No
Prayers needed for physical health Other chrystle No
Continued Prayer for my dad Family Chatterbox4Christ No
Prostitute to be saved Other hyperfaith No
Sex, Drugs, Drinking, ect... Friends HeyJordyn No
struggling Family ChelseaLynn No
depression in a father Family heather14xo No
I stand in need of a mircale Family kimminyc98 No
the people of Haiti Other jay_fish2010 No
staph infection in friends leg Friends Pattylynette No
Haiti Other valoryimmel No
URGENT: Pray for Haiti Other Anonymous No
Suicide Other Christian_Punkskater No
sickness hits home Family YochanaDigby No
Marriage Family subvet06 No
bagels is dead Family antievloution32 No
My unborn baby Family JenniferLynn Yes
Pray for Cody Family alaya35747 No
my stepdad Family lil_toon No
My life is falling apart Other tikafabulous No
Transition Other britnee32 No
Pray for little Aaron Other hoosiermom1973 No
Swine Flu :( Friends rebekahn Yes
Prayer for kitten Other MeganHobbs94 Yes
Please Pray Friends Iluvbtrflys No
My mama Family kelsey_is_awesome No
court date Sept 8th Other biker50840 No
Need Prayer Other FisherOfMen021979 No
trying to rid myself of depression Other gloisamin No
Down Times Other Florida_mom_2009 No
I need a friend. Friends Anonymous No
Prayer for my daughter Family Judy_L_Santa-Teresa No
Prayer would be appreciated Other Ham_soover No
North & South Dakotas blizzard/flooding Family herfatherseyes2 No
HUNTER MOORE Church/Organization tama-lasha No
Young Teenager in a bad car werck Church/Organization marysamples Yes
HELP PLEASE! Family Themasterchief No
prayers needed for me and my brother Family cecilb No
My Cousin Passed Away Family GeneralLeeStudios No
My daughter.......... Family GraceLikeRain No
The Prayer Of My Heart! Other lidyaesther1974 No
My Children Family grace05 No
Soul is dying Other believer4life No
Please pray for baby Sarah Family admin No
Prayer Request Friends herfatherseyes2 No
Death in Co-workers family Friends Torn801 Yes
My GRandma Family vanguard11 No
my friend just died Friends number72 No
prayer for sight Other marbet48 No
Brother Family Silence No
Marriage Family inbetweenforever No
Sad Sepration Friends dreamer96 No
I need a job Work/Business deanna48 Yes
My husband and me Financial Chelle Yes

Prayers I've Posted Category Date Answered
prayers please Other 01/29/2015 No
asking for prayers Family 04/20/2013 Yes
prayer please Family 03/12/2013 Yes
Prayer Request Family 06/04/2012 No
Prayer for Susan (herfatherseyes) Family 02/07/2012 No
Prayer Request Family 01/20/2012 No
Prayer for Brenda Family 07/13/2011 No
Prayer Request for my grandaughter Family 05/16/2011 No
Prayer for Deanne Family 04/26/2011 No
Prayer for Martha Family 04/18/2011 No
Prayer for Susan's Pastor Family 04/14/2011 No
Please remember me in your prayers.. Other 02/14/2011 No
Prayer for Susan Family 02/07/2011 Yes
Prayer for Belia Family 12/01/2010 Yes
Prayer for Martha Family 10/26/2010 No
Prayer request for Brenda Family 09/26/2010 No
Prayer for Susan Family 08/06/2010 No
Prayer for Sharon Family 07/21/2010 No
Prayer for Martha Family 04/15/2010 No
Prayer for Susan Family 04/12/2010 No
Prayer Request Family 02/25/2010 No
Prayer Request Family 01/22/2010 Yes
Prayer request Friends 01/18/2010 No
Prayer Request Friends 10/31/2009 No
Prayer Request Family 10/31/2009 No
Prayer Request Friends 10/10/2009 No
Prayer Request Family 04/02/2009 No
Prayer For Those In ND Family 03/27/2009 No
Prayer Request Family 02/27/2009 Yes
Prayer Request For Forgiven1947 Friends 02/05/2009 No
Prayer Request Friends 01/28/2009 No
Prayer Friends 09/19/2008 No

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