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Couples Bible Studies
Posted On 10/25/2017 16:59:55

Learning how to have a successful marriage is not something most people are taught how to do. Instead, most people receive hundreds and even thousands of hours of training on becoming successful in their careers but virtually no training on how to become successful in their marriage. And then we wonder why marriage can be so difficult. It's vital for couples to do multiple things to receive training for their relationship. A couples Bible study is a great place to begin and there are numerous helpful options to select from. Grounding your marriage in Scripture and God's perspective is the first step to having a healthy marriage. We must learn what it means to have a covenant based marriage. Our world promotes a contract marriage where we only stay committed as long as we feel in love and our needs are being met. The moment they aren't divorce becomes a viable option. That's not God's heart because He hates divorce. You owe it to yourself and your spouse to attend marriage seminars, such as couples retreats in Texas. Attending these types of events will provide much needed training to move your marriage from surviving to thriving. 

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Romantic Getaways for Couples
Posted On 10/25/2017 16:44:55

Marriage can be tough work and we are all prone to drifting in the wrong direction. Therefore, it's recommend for all couples to attend marriage seminars periodically, such as a couples retreat in Texas. Marriage seminars can be the ideal setting to get away from all the stress of life and fully focus on your mate. When was the last time you did that? For most of us, it was when we were dating. During the dating phase we naturally give our spouse all of our attention. However, before long the stressors of life begin to suffocate our relationship like weeds in a garden. Therefore, it's vital that all couples intentionally nurture their marriages to make them healthy and thriving and romantic getaways are a perfect way to do that. Think of your car, how well would it run if you stopped taking it in for regular maintenance, probably not very well. Marriage is the same. We must take it in for regular maintenance to fix minor problems before they become major ones. Below is a list of several romantic getaways couples could choose from to get started.

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Mega Churches and Christian Singles
Posted On 12/14/2016 03:02:49

Being single in church can be tough. Many struggle with the question "Why am I single?" To make matters worse, most churches are geared towards married couples, which can leave singles feeling invisible with no where to turn. If you're lucky, you may attend a large church with a thriving singles ministry but those are rare to come by. If your church does have a singles ministry sometimes they can create pressure to connect with others because everyone is single. Finding other Christian singles to date can sometimes be hard work. However, we must stay focused on that goal in order to become equally yoked. We must be careful not to compromise by dating a non-believer. Evangelism dating (where you date someone to win them for Christ) is not recommended because they could just as easily win you over to their non-Christian beliefs. Flatirons Church is an example of a mega church where it can be difficult to get connected. 

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Christian dating
Posted On 12/13/2016 03:14:37

One danger of online dating is how much it encourages couples to take things quickly. It's not uncommon to meet couples who say they met online and were married within 3-6 months or sometimes even sooner. Unfortunately, really brief courtships often lead to marital trouble because it's not enough time for the couple to fully get to know one another before marriage. Therefore, it's highly recommended for couples meeting online to take it slow and intentionally research Christian dating advice blogs for singles to receive much needed counsel on how to have a successful relationship. Search for articles that advise you on what to look for in a Christian soulmate. Further, look for sources that discuss what it even means to date as a Christian. Some believe courting should be the path for Christians. As believers, our romantic relationships should look differently compared to the world. For starters, we should be more focused on the care and concern of the person beyond anything else. In addition, we should preserve sex for marriage alone as God intended. For more information on this, check out this helpful article on courting vs dating.

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Christian Singles | where to start?
Posted On 08/11/2016 18:46:39

If you're a Christian single, it can sometimes be overwhelming to know where to begin your romantic journey to reverse your singleness. Most believers don't feel comfortable in the bar scene and if their singles group at Church isn't providing many options, they often feel stuck. Thankfully, they don't have to any longer. Thanks to the internet, Christian dating sites have been exploding over the past few years and now there are  many to choose from. One example is Christian Mingle, which is the largest Christian dating site available. However, it's important to read several Christian Mingle reviews to see if you feel comfortable using them. One of the main blessings with these sites is they expand the circle of Christian singles to date. No longer do believers need to feel like they must compromise their faith by dating a non-believer just so they have a companion. Christian dating sites have filled this void and provided tremendous opportunity. However, one must use careful discernment on what site they join and what type of people they get to know. First, is the site Christian owned? Second, does the site manually review profiles for authenticity before making them live on their site? Third, do you have a set of questions and boundaries you set as you're getting to know someone online to ensure your safety? All of these things are a must.

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Pornography Addiction and Recovery
Posted On 04/26/2016 16:47:27

As most people know, the porn industry has exploded over the past 10-15 years with the onslaught of mobile technology. Combining our natural brokenness with access to pornography 24 hours a day has created a disaster. Unfortuntately, many people don't realize how devastating the impact of porn can be and how much it can ruin their life. Porn statistics show porn is just as powerful as smoking crack cocaine. Other studies have showed more than half of all divorces are the result of one spouse having an obsession with pornography. It's the silent killer in the church with many men having no where to turn for help. We must break the silence and the Church must step up and address this deadly epidemic that's devastating families left and right. One of the best online seminars for porn addiction help is called PornBattle. Part one is about understanding the power of pornography and part two is about overcoming the power of pornography. One essential piece that must be addressed with this topic is unforgiveness. Many men struggle forgiving themselves for their propensity towards pornography.

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Make Your Marriage Top Priority!
Posted On 05/27/2015 04:11:44

As married people know, most couples don't tie the knot and live happily ever after. With the divorce rate at roughly 50% for believers and non-believers alike, it's clear that marriage can be tough work. While there are many reasons for this high divorce rate, one of the main ones is people not prioritizing their marriage like other things in their life. For example, think of how much time is spent surfing the internet, watching TV, or cultivating hobbies compared to how much time is spent cultivating one's marriage. The contrast is usually staggering. Couples spend the least amount of time, money, and energy investing in their marriage and then become surprised when things don't go well. Since we are all fallen by nature, every married couple needs to continually be reminded of healthy, God-honoring approaches in their marriage that will lead them into relational bliss as He intended. To facilitate this, all couples should annually read Christian marriage books and attend Christian marriage retreats to give their marriage the proper attention and care it deserves. For some couples, all they need is a retreat to revive their marriage. For others, it's only the beginning to their recovery process. For those couples, seeing a qualified marriage counselor is often imperative to help them work through areas of resentment and frustration. As most people know, physical intimacy can be a top concern for couples and learning how to cultivate oneness in body, soul, and spirit is essential for a healthy marriage. When a couple doesn't fully cleave in this way it leaves them vulnerable to getting those needs met elsewhere. Here's a great guide to cultivating Christian sex within marriage.

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