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Merry Christmas
Posted On 12/24/2011 18:03:48

Very ironic that nearly ALL my non-Christian friends have wished me and my family Merry Christmas, yet, only the Christians have chosen to use the politically correct term 'Happy Holidays' instead.

Certain elements, the very ones who put Christ to the cross, adopted a clever ploy to slowly phase out Christ from memory. First by using the letter 'X' instead of the word 'Christ' in Christmas and then they went further and decided to change the term altogether to 'Happy Holidays' which in generations to come, can mean anything - that is what they want and Christians are falling for it... how sad!

May they rest in peace...
Posted On 09/11/2011 15:37:54

Today marks 10 years since the sad and painful demise of over 2800 souls on the infamous September 11. 

I am not going to philosophise and pretend that I have any answers to this very painful and ugly chapter in our lives that will forever be etched in our hearts and souls.  I will however, pray today for all those who perished and their loved ones.

The photo is courtesy of Sky News and it reduced me to tears... may they rest in eternal peace, amen.

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Posted On 05/18/2011 05:52:50

Blessings my brothers and sisters,

It has come to my attention that the website WonderComments.com may be using 'malware' or at least have been reported as such. Some of our members, especially those with Google Chrome browsers are getting warnings when visitng other profiles on YCS and even their own, if they contain any comments or graphics from WonderComments.com

We removed all comments and graphics originating from WonderComments.com today and we kindly ask you not to use WonderComments.com for comments or graphics until further notice.

God bless you

YCS Admin

YCS Chess Club (GHH) wins again!
Posted On 03/31/2011 17:02:35

Our blessed angels have done it again and won 2nd prize and runners up in an official chess tournament in Lebanon.  In honour of my father in law George Hannah Hakim, I have decided to call our chess club GHH Chess Club.

Our club has grown and we now have 19 little angels who are active members and students.  For the uninitiated, the GHH Chess Club is sponsored by my wife and myself and we pay towards renting the hall, hiring a teacher and transport for the students.  My cousin Zohrab is managing the whole process and is in charge of the little angels' safety and training.

We have 3 more little angels waiting to join our chess club and we pray that it spreads so that more children become involved.

Blessed is the Lord for allowing us to be of service and in His name, amen.

Below are the YCS GHH Chess Club angels who participated in the tournament:

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Important - Please Read
Posted On 02/21/2011 15:30:42

My dear brothers and sisters,

It has come to my attention that certain members are having major disagreements on YCS.  Heated arguments and harsh words are being exchanged along with finger pointing and accusations at many levels.   

I know we do not live in a perfect world and that there will always be issues of varying degrees of severity that will affect us all.  However, it hurts me to see when any Christians lose faith or sight of whom and what we stand for and allow the enemies of God to plant the seeds of doubt and hate in their hearts and minds.  We live in an age of information technology and communication from behind keyboards and computers, where people find it easier to be rude and loud and behave in a manner that is completely opposite to their nature.  The fact remains that if we are to call ourselves 'Christians' then we are bound by the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and they are first and foremost: humility, compassion and love for mankind.

I would like to take this opportunity to refresh the minds of every member on YCS of certain rules, which we must all observe in order for us to continue together in our path as brothers and sisters:


Flaming is an exercise that is all too common throughout the Internet.  People derive great pleasure in ‘flaming’ others.  If you do not know what flaming is, please Google it.  

This practice is cruel and serves only one purpose and that is the ego of the person exercising such an activity.  I will not stand idle on YCS and allow this sort of cruelty or arrogance to take place.

Passing Judgments

Every single human being is entitled to their own free will and that is how God created us all.  No one is perfect, not me or anyone else on YCS or in the whole wide world.  Passing judgment towards anyone on YCS is not allowed.  YCS is all about forgiveness and tolerance.  You may state your point of view and leave others to make up their minds.  Only God decides who goes to heaven or to hell, such a decision is not ours and none of us mere mortals have a right to assume otherwise.  

Judge not others for you will be judged yourself.


A true Christian will find it in their heart to overcome our natural instinct – revenge and anger.  These two poisons, pollute our minds and hearts and serve no purpose but evil.  Our Lord knew very well why to teach us to Love and forgive our enemies and those who wrong us – Love conquers evil.

Abusive members or disputes

Should you have an issue with anyone on YCS, please do your best to resolve your differences.  If you find yourself in a hopeless situation then stay off YCS for a little while and pray.  Pray for guidance and forgiveness and then when you have calmed down, try once again.  If all else fails, please report the offence to any of the admins, including myself – Please try not to act on impulse and retaliate, it serves no purpose but evil.

God’s enemies

God’s enemies will do their best to destroy all that is good and everything holy including our blessed website YCS.  Over the many years that I have owned and administered YCS, I have been personally subjected to countless threats, abuse and insults…  I received many hate emails.  The enemies of God once tried to destroy my blessed relationship with my brother Pastor Jerry by sowing seeds of doubt.  We are all subject to attack and we are all vulnerable, regardless.   

Every time the enemy attacks me personally I always remind myself of the fate of the disciples of our Lord and how they suffered so terribly in the end.  I am of course always reminded of our Lord’s suffering and sacrifice.

When I suffer now I suffer in his honour
When I hurt now, I hurt in his honour
and when I weep I weep in his honour

I always consider it the highest blessing and privilege to suffer in His glorious name.


Words are just words, they can be cruel and they can hurt but they can also be dissipated with the knowledge that what brought you here is The Light.  We are all here because we have been guided somehow to be together and grow together as a family and in service of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

How we behave on YCS reflects your faith and your integrity, not only to us humans around you but also to the watchful eyes of our Lord.

As long as YCS remains in service of our Lord, myself and all the admins and angels who serve and donate their time here will be honoured to serve.   But if YCS should become home to hate, judgment and evil, I will not hesitate but to shut it down immediately because if we are not a true Christian site and simply call ourselves Christian then we are insulting our Lord.

May God bless you and your families and keep you from evil, amen.

YCS Admin

YCS Chess Clubs - Two Winners!!!
Posted On 02/12/2011 15:27:32

The chess competition was organized by the Ecole de Frère the little girl(in the picture) made the first position and the boy(in the picture)  made the 3rd position

The YCS Chess club was started by myself and my cousin Zohrab in Lebanon.  Zohrab kindly donates his time and I support the club financially.  twice or three times a week, we rent a classroom in a school and we hire a chess instructor to teach and train our young angels in playing and learning the game of chess.  We bought several chess kits and we also pay for the transport in a bus and driver.

Nearly all the young angels who attend the club come from very poor and needy families.  Zohrab collects every child by bus from his or her home and at the end of the training session he drops them back to their homes.

The club grew and our angels are now twelve in total.  We encourage them to enter all competitions and when they win, we also award them with a cash prize to help support them further.

It is my aim to spread this activity to other parts of the world where poor children have limited resources to help teach them about the game and to keep them from harming themselves and others.

Praise be The Lord for granting us the privilege to serve in his name, amen.

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In memory of my father in law - George Hakim
Posted On 10/20/2010 01:07:38

On October 20th, 2009 my father in law George Hakim passed away and tomorrow marks the one year anniversary.  Uncle George was larger than life and posessed a generous and kind spirit.  He has a wonderful sense of humour, even eccentric at times but he had true love for his family.  He referred to me as his son and advised me on many issues.

During his last days he sadly suffered because of his diabetes and as a result he lost both legs and was confined to bed.  Yet, he found laughter and joy regardless and even the load was heavy at times, he never wavered or surrendered his faith.

Uncle George lived and died in Accra, Ghana and on his funeral the church was filled by friends and loved ones and there was no room to sit or even stand... people were swarming in and outside the church.  Our beloved Father Fadi conducted the service and it was very touching and we all felt the peace and blessings.  Uncle George led a humble life and was never tempted by material gain, he saw all people as equal and treated everyone wth dignity and compassion.  He was liked by the Lebanese community and even more so by the Ghanaians who came in large numbers to pay tribute.

My prayers will be lifted in his memory tomorrow and I will always remember his sound advice, his warm smile and strong handshake.  May our Lord Jesus Christ light his path to heaven with love, healing and love, amen.

Photo below:  My wife Claudine with her father George in Accra Ghana

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YCS and Forum Etiquette
Posted On 07/01/2010 09:52:30

Dearest brothers and sisters,

On behalf of all YCS staff, moderators and admins, may I extend a warm welcome to all who joined us recently. May your paths be blessed with love and healing in service of our Lord.

Please be reminded that YCS is a website to bring all Christians together. We therefore kindly ask you all to refrain from hostility against one another and to refrain from addressing anyone here on YCS or otherwise in any cruel or demeaning fashion.

We know very well that we cannot all agree on everything but the fundemental principles of Christianity is tolerance, humbleness and love and these we should always maintain and never forget. If others disagree with you, they are entitled to their opinion and in the worst case scenario you simply agree to disagree. We are not here to force our views, opinons or beliefs on anyone - The love of Christ our Lord should be the driving force in your lives and here on YCS. We are all here to learn and share and I must remind us all that NONE of us has the answers, we are mere mortals. We have opinions, not answers and these should be limited to ourselves.

We have also noticed some individuals occasionaly posting 'mind spinner' type of questions. I welcome all questioning for the purpose of learning but I will not accept nor tolerate questions that are demeaning or with malicious undertones or intent. We must all respect one another's faith and pray for enlightenment, which invariably comes to open hearts and nothing can stand in the way of truth. YCS is not a base for anyone's entertainment at anyone else's expense.

Scammers on YCS
As you are all aware, there are scammers who sign up to YCS and they use software to mass message our members. We do everything to stop them and we have made good progress so far. If you receive a message asking you to contact the person off-site i.e by email or otherwise, please report it immediately to a YCS staff member. The majority of such contacts are harmful and will lead to catastrophic consequences if entertained. Please do not respond to anyone asking you to send any money for any reason. If in doubt, please contact a member of staff.

Predators on YCS
On very rare occasions, we have become aware of sexual predators on YCS who try to entice our younger members into meeting them in person or to perform illicit conduct. We remind all our members to never meet anyone in person unless allowed and accompanied by an adult. Please be safe and aware that there will always be elements, even here on YCS, who are intent on harming you for their own selfish and twisted pleasure. Please be safe and never ever give personal information about you or anyone else to anyone. If in doubt or if you are in a situation and need help, please contact a member of staff.

Prayer requests
Humanity as a whole is going through very trying times and we all need to pray for one another and support each other. In your free time, please stop by the Prayer Requests section and help pray for those who need it. Prayers can move mountains and every single prayer counts especially these days...

With this, I leave you with my heart and love and I pray for God's blessings for you and your loved ones.


Scammers on YCS
Posted On 04/13/2010 23:13:20

Unfortunately we are once again the target of spammers and scammers.  What worries me most is the 419 scammers who are signing up to YCS on a daily basis.  Despite several security measures to counteract them, they still persist in their deeds, hoping no doubt to prey on easy targets here on YCS.

What I am doing is now monitoring persistent scam sources and banning the cities or even countries they are originating from.  I know it is sad and unfair on others who live in the same areas as the scammers but I feel responsible for our existing members, especially our youngsters from being preyed on.

Should there be a better and more secure solution in the future, I may consider lifting country and city bans.  Until then, the bans are in force for our safety and security.

Should you receive any messages or emails from strangers asking you for money, please do not respond but contact a member of staff here on YCS and we will be happy to help you.  Please ensure your safety and well being at all times and do not trust strangers, they may not be telling the truth and may in fact be criminal elements who are intent on harming you.

God bless you

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