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Yom Kippur But Be Back Tomorrow Evening
Posted On 09/28/2009 03:15:17


Been away for some time but will be back tomorrow evening after Yom Kippur.



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Running to His Mercy Seat
Posted On 05/26/2009 07:27:37

Enlightment Candles-Optimism
Posted On 05/19/2009 00:23:55

Enlightment Candle-Prayer Enlightenments Candle - Prayer - These garden-themed ceramic candle-filled votives glow with sweet and spicy scents, making a thoughtful gift. Porcelain holder with candle. Sage scent. 3.25" x 3.25" x 5.5". Gift boxed. Attached card with saying: Prayer is the golden key that opens heaven. - Thomas Watson. May be purchased at Shekinah Mercantile

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Valetine's Day:It's Not Too Late To Send Something to That Special Someone
Posted On 02/14/2009 04:32:33

It's not too late to download,email or print a gift for that someone special! Print or Email a Gift Card Here

You Can Give an MP3 download Gift Card as Well-Click Here

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Custom with Valentine's Day Heart
Posted On 01/29/2009 02:00:49

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Custom with Valentine's Day Heart

Want some Click Below:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Custom with Valentine's Day Heart

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Thistle Farms Skincare - By the women of Magdelene
Posted On 01/25/2009 04:54:35

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Zum Love Whiff Sticks
Posted On 01/16/2009 19:39:26


Peppermint Citrus Scent made with pure essential oils. A little fruity, a little fresh. Two favorite blends find common ground and are better for it.$25.50


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Baby Bottoms and Those Kind of Essentials
Posted On 01/07/2009 04:02:54

Tiny Tush Organic Contour Diapers Tiny Tush Organic Contour Cloth Diaper Made from 100% cotton fabric and low impact dyes Parents enjoy using contoured cloth diapers because they are an economical alternative to fitted diapers. They are also a lot trimmer on your baby than prefold cloth diapers. Contoured cloth diapers are shaped to fit your baby's body comfortably. However, when using contoured diapers or prefolds, you will use a few more diaper covers than when using fitted diapers. This is because neither contoured nor prefold diapers have elastic at the waist or legs. It is to be anticipated that the diaper covers will get soiled a bit more. We recommended getting 10 diaper covers per size to accommodate for this. A contour cloth diapering system is a wonderful and practical way to cloth diaper your baby! Tiny Tush Contours are trim through the crotch providing a nice, comfortable fit. They have a loose liner sewn to the back of the diaper providing 5 layers of absorbent material in the "Wetting Zone" where it is needed the most. The loose liner design allows the contoured diaper to dry quickly when laundering. When using a snug fitting Velcro type diaper cover, pinning is not necessary. However, the wings of the Tiny Tush Contour have been designed long enough to pin if you so desire. Tiny Tush Contoured cloth diapers share the same custom milled fabric as our popular fitted diapers. They are made from absorbent 100% cotton. For newer babies we recommend using 30 diapers and 10 covers per size (newborn and small). Made in the USA, using 100% domestic fabric. 5 layers of absorbent material in the "Wetting Zone" Loose liner design allows the contoured diaper to dry quickly when laundering A diaper cover should be used with this cloth diaper. For easy cleaning of your diaper and covers you may want to use a diaper sprayer which rinses the stools off the diapers and diaper covers. A diaper sprayer, using fresh cold water, helps prevent staining. Also you are not soaking diapers in a bacteria filled pail or toilet. A contour cloth diapering system is a wonderful and practical way to cloth diaper your baby! $12.00 Available in blue,green,natural & yellow Sizes that fit approx 5-32 lbs Order at http://www.backwoods-mercantile.com/AbbasBaby2.html

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Granny News On New Years Day: Happy New Year ?
Posted On 01/02/2009 03:03:43

Granny News on New Years Day

Well the big day is here already. Now what?

I hesitate to yell out Happy New Year to everyone. How far we have traveled in the past few years.. Just a few years ago this was a happy time, cooking the lucky foods for our good luck in the new year full of hope for a better year for our family.

Will we see something spectacular or just continue to dread each and every day as to what it will bring to us and our family?

This will be the first time I don't even think of cooking the traditional Black Eyed Peas and corn bread for luck. We need more than luck. We need guts, brawn and a big big stick.

Are we going to just sit back and continue to wring our hands while our lives are being given away without our permission? Our country sold out by greedy, evil, politicians with a lust for power and perversion ! We even had the short sighted mentality to re elect most of the worst of the worst because we as a believing public thought they would not betray us. Will we ever learn? When will the fear of exposure even put a dent in these Republican and Democratic whores?

I'll tell you when, they will take notice when they start having to pay for their treason and betrayal of trust, their gluttony for money and power and are looking out from behind the bars of one of their fema camps themselves wearing rags and begging for food, freedom and their rights.

Will this ever happen? Not likely as long as we as a middle class america refuse to stand up and say NO MORE... This is the end... But we have been conditioned to be ashamed of our place in life, our race, our religion and our very lives. We are so politically correct we won't even stand up for our own rights while yelling for the rights of other races, religions and lifestyles.

We have forgotten our upbringing. Our parents and grandparents, pastors and teachers will hang their heads in shame for what we have turned out to be. We can blame it on the subliminal messaging on the TV, Radio and Computers, We can blame it on the Government, We can blame it on the economy, We can blame it on the schools, we can blame it on the laws preventing us from punishing our kids for being bad,we can blame it on the floride in our water, the drugs we are taking, the chemtrails in our skys, there are numerous things to blame everything on. But in the end it is our own fault. Each of us knows what is right and what is wrong and should have the guts to stand up and say so. So what if we make the other person mad? So what if we hurt someones feelings? Don't it hurt your feelings when the 10 comandments are removed from buildings and Muslims get a foot bathing station so they can practice their religion in bus stations, railway stations etc?

I am not sure how God is going to judge us are you? I am sure Jesus was scared when he knew what was before him but he didn't stop and say I just can't do this.

I am not a religious bible thumper but I do believe in God and what is right and wrong and will not keep quiet about those I see who are wrong in my eyes.. I may be wrong but I have the right to say what I think just as you do. I have the right to live a peaceful and prosperous life and so do you but..... we are not going to just be handed our rights, we have to fight for them and make sure they are enforced.

I spent the day turning this:

Into This:

Making more salve and working on the newest item we are making:

100 % pure organic BeesWax candles

Please go to our website ( http://www.grannywarriors.com/minimart.htm ) and take a look at what we are selling. Every cent will be put into a very worthwhile project we are working on now. Tell your neighbors, friends and workmates to visit our site. This project will benefit everyone by setting a model for the rest of the counties to follow.

We have found a county that has good water, good soil and very few people. We are working on raising the cash to post a bond for the Sheriffs Position, finance land and get people out there and starting the process of taking back our rights one at a time. This can be done if we are careful about who we align ourselves with, everyone works and has the same goals. Our goals are to remove ourselves from the heavy hand of the Federal Government. Exercise our God Given rights to life, liberty and happiness along with prosperity and keeping the fruits of our labor.

We need to contact ex Military family's who wish to raise their family in a envrionment of Law and Order where kids can be kids and be healthy without the government forcing their vaccines and Gmo foods down our necks. There are already over 70 family's who are committed to this and growing. I received over 500 emails the first time I mentioned this project most of which were those that wanted to know what kind of housing we were offering, how much we were paying and some even praising us for providing a place they could get high without going to jail? Now you know which ones got deleted asap. We have several farmers, a goat herder, 3 school teachers, a plumber, several electricians and several carpenters, it looks very promising that we will find enough people who are willing to work and stand up for their rights for a better way of living.

With the economy the way it is now we need some real angels to come forth and offer some financing help, I don't mean donations but real financing that we can all afford to take advantage of and realisticly get paid off with our labor, products and gold and silver.

I am asking you to forward this message to all of your groups, friends and internet connections. We need to get this in action as soon as possible as none of us know what this coming year will bring.

If you are a grant writer please contact us. We are a non profit and qualify for some grants if presented properly. The website: www.freedomisnotdead.org will be a place we will be posting news of our progress on this.

Thank you all for all the support you have given us over the years and thank you in advance for the future support.

This is the end of this newsletter:

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