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To Be or ?not?
Posted On 11/20/2011 01:27:35


Are you walking in the volume

Of the book written for you

The one He already walked out for you

To Be

Jesus said “I AM”

Has your self-esteem

Consumed you to “I do”

And you longer seek ME

Who are you without “I AM”

Why have you become so lazy

By your doings and you

No longer seek Me “To Be”

Jesus said “take no purse with you”

When you go out to “do” My will

Inside who you are in the kingdom

Seeking and trusting ME—“To Be”

For My provision and protection

Doing ONLY what you see

Me doing, Me Being

Say ONLY what you hear from Me

You've “worked” so hard at doing

Seek Me—work hard at that

Seek “I AM”

So may be formed in your “To Be”--ing

Be—ing a father

Be—ing a mother

Be—in a sibling

Be—ing a son or daughter

Be—ing about My Fathers business

Seeking ME,

Seeking who you were in heaven

Before sent to earth

Seeking Be—ing

Whom I created you

To Be

You are More than conquerors

More than overcomers

More than children of the Most High God

More than what you see and do

I have learned to be content

In Be—ing

With nothing, little or much

No more seeking in heaven a tropy

Rather Only “To Be”--like Me.

Randy Goss 2011

Tags: Poetry Contentment Be

Posted On 06/27/2011 22:40:51

Back in the year 2005 I went on a missions trip to Jamaica. I know, someones gotta suffer. LOL. Anyway while there one of the team members (a young woman) learned I wrote and she began sharing her story with me of her abortion. She said--maybe you can write something. Well, it hit my spirit but thought--what do I know--I'm just a guy and have never been through that. I began to ask her some things--how did you feel? Do you ever wonder about your baby today? and things like that. She told me the Lord let her have a dream of her aborted child. She was beautiful with long blonde hair--alot like her child now.

Well, after we got back to the states I was really wondering about the "challenge" and asked the Lord one day in prayer--while driving--Lord will you let me feel what they feel. Even still it brings up tears--because He did. It was the worst 3seconds of my life and I wept and groaned inwardly. Wept outwardly also. This happened within 2 weeks of returning to GA. Within the next week Holy Spirit gave me the poem--"Unheard/Unseen". I shared it with the young woman and she used it in her class for post abortion counseling. She said all the women cryed and that it was a good cry---a healing cry--realizing the Love of God.

Now, fast forward to 2010. There was another young woman who told me she was believing God to start her ministry as she had also undergone a few abortions adn was healed after receiving Christ and going to classes. Again, something hit my spirit and I said We Need to DO a CD with that poem. The Lord was so faithful and we were able to finish it, but not without the enemy trying to stop it. But to God be the glory!

It is a very unique CD as it uses the voices of 12 different people, including children. On it are two songs, two poems, two testimonies, a scripture reading from Hosea 2 and an invitation to ask Jesus to be your Lord. The name of the CD is Unheard/Unseen and is a revelation of the Lord He began in 2005 and I was only faithful to Do it. He will do the rest. You can visit www.stuffwithamessage.org to order a copy or listen to the poem "Unheard/Unseen". I pray it blesses you and brings healing.

The Lord has now given me three more CD's to complete a 4CD series. I hope to be recording a declaration by song and spoken word soon. That will happen as God--or you provides. It's amazing we always say--God will provide and yet He uses you and me for the time He choses--and all we need to do is be obedient.

Please take the time to write your congressmen at the Federal level and your state level representatives and get involved in this fight FOR LIFE. As I have heard quoted before--"All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." If you consider yourself "good" I pray you will do something. God bless you.

Tags: UnheardUnseen Healing Women

Flags at half mast
Posted On 02/19/2011 02:52:19

I would like everyone who reads this to ask their Governor and the President to fly flags at half mast sometime during the month of April as that is Abortion Recovery Month to commemorate all the aborted/murdered children from the womb not to mention the women who have died as a result of this "surgery". Contact your respective officials. I have already ordered two flags to be flown on April 8th at a cost to Stuff With A Message Inc of $82 and would gladly accept donations to help with that. Our mailing address is: Stuff With A Message Inc

P.O.Box 1823

Powder Springs, GA. 30127


Randy Goss

Founder: Stuff With A Message Inc


 Protect the innocent, Restore the broken.

It is our belief this will help in the healing process as well.

Flags at half mast
Posted On 02/06/2011 02:42:33

I am contacting as many state Governors as I can by email to ask them to fly flags at half mast just one day during the month of April which is Abortion Recovery Month. It would be great if as many of you would also contact your state governor to ask the same. The flags are being asked to be flown at half mast to memoralize the millions of American babies that have been aborted. I just sent an email to the President tonight asking the same thing. I have ordered two flags at a cost of approximately $82 and if anyone would like to send in a donation to help with this or the minstry of Stuff With A Message Inc that would be appreciated. S.W.A.M. Inc is a GA non profit organization publishing biblical truths on real and important issues. We cannot however give you a tax deduction for your gift. Our mailing address is: P.O.Box 1823 Powder Springs, GA. 30127


Randy Goss (Founder)


Posted On 01/12/2011 17:09:19

Hello All,

The CD for women who've had an abortion and are suffering from shame, and guilt is finished. This CD speaks to women from the heart of God using the voices of children, the Word of God as well as songs, testimonies and poetry. It is all a call of the mercy of God to come back or repent back to the heart of God. He is and wants to heal you. You have not done something He cannot or will not forgive. Though the child was unheard-unseen so has the woman become that as well. The CD is meant for healing and will prayerfully help you become a voice instead of a ghost. You can listen to a selection of the CD at www.stuffwithamessage.org

I look forward to hearing from you. Blessings.

Founder: Randy Goss


Healing AFTER abortion
Posted On 11/24/2010 16:38:16

Stuff With A Message Inc has recently finished a CD project entitled "Unheard-Unseen" which speaks to women AFTER an abortion who are struggling. It speaks of TRUTH and reconciliation to God through Jesus Christ and His desire to reach out to forgive. It also includes the voices of children calling out to their Mother to say Yes to Jesus. It is available at www.stuffwithamessage.org. Requests and donations can be sent to

Stuff With A Message

P.O.Box 1823

Powder Springs, GA. 30127

Tags: Healing Deliverance Forgiveness

Posted On 11/12/2009 14:40:47

We have begun a ministry to those who made the "choice" to abort their child(ren) and who are now suffering in silent shame. Unheard/Unseen is a poem reaching out to the mother from the voice of God AND the child. We have already begun the CD project and will offer it to abortion recovery ministries and individuals who would like to purchase one. We pray this brings the women out of their shame to become a voice for the unborn and quench the voice of abortionanists and planned parent---hood.smile

If anyone would like to give toward this project, the ministry or would like more information feel free to contact me.

The studio address is: The Cross Worship Ministry, 3469 Gus Robinson Rd. Powder Springs, GA. 30127

if anyone would like to send a check for this. Please put U/U in the memo section of your check or M/O

or you can send directly to me for the website creation and design fee's at: Randy Goss, P.O.Box 1823 Powder Springs, GA. 30127 as we have a separate account for that part of the ministry.

THANK YOU TO ALL and Blessings,

Randy Goss

Tags: Abortion Abortionrecovery Postabortion

Voices of Christ
Posted On 07/31/2009 15:47:53

I am a part of a writing ministry called Voices of Christ and can be checked out at voicesofchrist.org

I love this ministry as it is not only a "name" but a call of everyone of those who name the name of Jesus Christ to also be a voice FOR HIM.  Any would be writer would be blessed and challenged as we do not seek to "entertain" the world but to challenge those in it to give their hearts to Christ and for those in the "church" to repent as well as those outside the church.  Repent is a language of love from God to us.  By the way--this God--is the God of Israel.  God has not forsaken them, nor us who call upon His name--the name of Jesus.  Church of the living God--it is time to arise and BE a Voice For Christ.

Writing Seminar
Posted On 05/14/2009 15:02:12

Voices of Christ Literary Arts International is conducting a writing seminar in September of 2009.  Please visit voicesofchrist.org for more information and to register.  This is a prophetic and creative ministry to hear and release the Word of the Lord Jesus.  There will also be classes on publishing.  We look forward to seeing you there.


GA Chapter Director: Randy Goss

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