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10/12/2013 14:32:27
God Bless You

05/27/2011 05:22:12
Good Weekend

11/10/2010 01:40:25

Speaking of crazy females. I think my dog has caught on that I'm talking to a girl because you had a husky you know how they do that talk thing. They don't bark they just make this constant weird reverberating noises. That's what she does when she demands affection. And she is like not calming down. lol It's like talk talk talk talk talk talk ow my head

11/08/2010 23:10:30

I'm just great.

11/08/2010 00:22:13

Hello and how are you today?

11/07/2010 02:18:19

Such a happy ending. Hollywood couldn't think this stuff up.

PatriotGirl wrote:

 Yup, i wasn't thinking. Now i am stuck talking to you. Ugh.

11/07/2010 02:10:51

lol I was 14... jerk :P Yep you should have just mashed that deleted button till your keyboard exploded all over the place

PatriotGirl wrote:

Haha...Batman. Thats funny. Just watch out now i'm gonna tell everyone you like the patriots. The only college team i like are the Michigan Wolverines, and not because of tom brady.Stop having things in common with me already, geez. Maybe i have just been a fan of tom brady all my life, you don't know that. Oh wow, collecting football cards...you are a dork. I should have gotten out when i had the chance.


11/07/2010 01:53:10

See what you don't know is that I'm actually a Tom Brady fan. Was one long before you :P My two favorite football teams in college are the Michigan Wolverines and the Texas Longhorns. I asked a kid for that rookie card before he ever played a professional game. Because I liked how calm and cool he was and played like nothing could get to him. And no one especially the football card companies thought he'd be anything. So there are very few RC cards of his. And that one I have is worth several hundred dollars. And that's one of the reasons why I cheered for the Pats during their first Superbowl run. Plus I hated Kurt Warner and the Rams! But yeah I like being suprised by my friends with presents. My friend Danny always comes up with the most random hysterical presents. He worked at Domino's and gave me a batman pizza once lol

PatriotGirl wrote:


Oh you should, i love presents. But i don't want people to ask "sarah what do you want for your your birthday?" cause i would just reply "You're my friend, you should JUST KNOW."

11/07/2010 01:41:56

Oh it's nothing you wouldn't enjoy doing to me. Maybe I'll smoot things over and give you a special birthday present. But if your sure things can't be reconciled I'll just give this incredibly rare Tom Brady Rookie Card to someone else.

11/07/2010 01:36:04

it's ok Sarah your Pats are still 6-1

breathe SARAH BREATHE! ITS ooooo K

11/07/2010 01:25:37

Sarah, it's not opposite day, but thanks I appreciate your efforts at kindness, it's the the thought that counts.

PatriotGirl wrote:

I hate you...we're not friends anymore. why show me that.

11/07/2010 01:21:03

What? Haven't you seen terminator... never trust the computers. A computer also has the capability to do this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-aKfTK2LiM

PatriotGirl wrote:

Oh wow. You got mad skillz my friend. BUT A computer is super intelligent, has a good memory, and doesn't hate on my team.


11/07/2010 00:42:46

like what an I-pad? come on I'm so much more useful than a computer... Can a computer pat it's head and rub it's stomach at the same time. I think not!

11/07/2010 00:34:46

I'm a redskin fan. I blew up a long, long time ago. They put me back together but they spent all the money on the 6 million dollar man. And I got put back together with leftover junk parts from the Star Wars movie sets. Beep Doop Beep Beep Doop Help me Sarah... you're my only hope. Sorry I hate when that happens.

11/07/2010 00:28:45

Ouch that's so cold. You do realize I won't actually blow up when you click delete, right?  Well maybe part of me will... *puppy eyes* haha don't hate sarah

11/07/2010 00:11:30

BWaHahahahahaa... wait you were being serious... ahem. You are so right.

PatriotGirl wrote:


That i am a kind hearted individual who responds cause she doesn't want people to feel bad.

11/06/2010 23:49:41

It'd probably be a deterent if you didn't respond to every single one. What's that say about you :p

11/06/2010 01:45:21

Oh snap

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