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That's You
Posted On 11/04/2010 18:27:39

 It isn't the music that makes me swoon for you, but the spirit that has inspired such beauty, that's you, and it's not the people gathering together in a building that's wonderful, but it's the spirit that walks in their presence, believers feeding each other's souls with the good news, they raise their hands in worship because, that's you, who breathes life into people, not a structure built of earth, and it isn't a book filled with words on pages that consumes my soul, but it's your truth revealed in it's message, which I keep alive in my heart, that I may walk in the darkest places and carry your light, that's you, living inside the temple that you created, that's you, first one I run to in the morning, the one I think of through all the season's of my life, it's you in the calm of the evening that whispers, come to me, that's you, and I'm listening, I'm working, I'm searching for you, the one true God, that's bigger than the life He created, that's you I'm looking for tonight, it's not the heaven's that are more beautiful than the stars that I'm looking for, it's you, it's your sign that's coming, in the blink of an eye, so I'm going to be searching, on the hottest day, on the coldest night, for the one that gives and takes, the one that saves life, that's you

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It's Not A Cruel Game
Posted On 11/03/2010 04:41:05

did you hear that sound? thump, thump, thud... like something falling down a flight of stairs, that's my heart running away, only it doesn't have legs so it just falls wherever it may, and nobody has stopped to pick it up for awhile, a couple sweet sounding souls did, I amused them for what felt like a moment, they kicked me around till it became a mundane game, leaving my heart bruised and battered, then up and walked away, why would I even bother with all the trouble, unless it was worth the pain, sure there are darker days where you might hear a different tune, but 10 out of 10,000 will have to do, I'm not one out of a million, I'm as is, no replacements, not refurbished, somewhere out there God is smiling, He see's her coming, I probably won't, till she hands me my heart and says, "you better keep this where it belongs," and then I'll know... I'll look her in her eyes, hand it back to her and say, "well, it's about time!"

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Stand in the Rain
Posted On 11/02/2010 18:49:34

the skies are perpetually gray

when your alone in your pain

your thoughts are so loud

you can't hear

comfort falls on deaf ears

when you're lost in the clouds

the tears line the fog covering every inch

they only subside

when God is ready for you to see

but that moment which is so profound

is all too easily lost

when you're grabbing at dust

that turns to quicksand

you have to find that small voice inside

that whispers... it'll be ok

when your eyes are wider than the heavens

your chilled to the bone with that paralyzing venom

when you're at the mercy of self doubt

the deep end of your fears will pull you down

this is where you'll stand your ground

with hurt striking like lightning

with demons laughing like thunder

tug on that thread in your heart that leads you to heaven

pull on the robes of Jesus

the storm might rage on

but the calm in you will be the victory sound

the rain will be like water

the lightning like light

the thunder will be a crackle

before the joy you'll sing

let it rain

child be still

here is your miracle

found only in Him

peace that calms the storm raging within

Tags: Hope Rain Depression Strength In God

My Life Offering
Posted On 11/01/2010 02:00:25

there's been a lot of selfish voices in my head, wanting me to lay down in sorrow's bed, but I can't hide anymore in sleep's deceiving night, I want to speak out my heart while I am yet alive, even with a pulse as faint as mine, there is much to give back to the giver of this life, and I confess to the Lord, all the places I have been without him, all the plans I made against him, resisting any desire to say what if, the only worthwhile move now is to draw closer to Him, where gravity doesn't feel so heavy, and burdens are taken off like a boulder moved back, where broken hearts are saved because they're are the only willing kind, even minds are given peace from every dark and horrific dream that appeared endless, yes, this is where I will go, this is where hope is... though many pitfalls cry out to me, though many deceivers would lure me into their own dreadful fate, I have seen enough of the emptiness of self, and l am persuaded by Christ's love, to flip over my own tables, to rise up against my old debtor's and take back what wasn't mine, and give back this temple to the one true living God, for anything I can claim that is good, was from Him, and anything precious I have ever lost was taken in, and there it waits for me behind gates of eternity, my life offering, oh Lord, take your servant's sacrifice, for you alone are worthy to receive this right, Yahweh

Tags: God Life Offering Humility Forgiveness Hope Meaning

Searching Out Your Love
Posted On 10/31/2010 23:39:09

In the distant reaches of your heart lies a treasure which I must have, and which I could never part, its beauty is beyond measure, its radiance set above the sun, the flames burn so vigorously distinguishing themselves from all control, this heat I'm feeling, this fire I can touch, its your love consuming my body, my soul, my heart, I need it more than the air I breathe, I seek it out undeniably, mad with fever to know your embrace, certain with meaning that this is the pleasure that is without taint, this love unguarded, but hidden, pure, but ferious with haste, yet still with peace, I'm searching for the unbelievable, the unimaginable, but in you it's all I see, pieces of perfection blurred out of my mind, clarity is in the searching the one part of your love by which I am defined

Tags: Love Life Strength

Posted On 10/31/2010 14:39:10

goodbye to the night, hello to the day, it's my first steps out of recovery, everyone is watching me carefully, wondering how I'll rebound, waiting for me to crash and fall, but I'm not going to slow down, just because I'm a little numb in my fingers and toes, I'll cling to God and hope for the best now, a broken heart has to fly to mend, and I'm ready to soar again, search out the one heart waiting, hiding, whom I've yet to wholly captivate, love others in brand new ways, sharing with those who've made the same mistakes, I'll heal on the run, as long as I'm directed into God's marvelous light, I won't need to mourn any longer over loss and regret, it's time to push forward and forge a new breath, behind me... a hospital bed, with machines I won't need to breathe for me anymore, the music is out of my hands, the melody is in my heart, pumping, death has lost it's grip on me, I'm alive and living is the only emergency

Tags: Healing Love Break-ups Recovery

Needle In Space
Posted On 10/30/2010 05:45:33

my heart was more split than the grand canyon before I met you, my eyes should have been a peaceful hazel, but before you came peace was a needle... lost in space, gravity wasn't keeping me in place, I floated like a dream into the sun... but baby I don't burn, I was alive but only alive enough to feel the pain, have you ever tried to shine in a galaxy of black, its hard enough when the skies are gray, I couldn't find an escape, if there was an exit sign it must have been replaced with a detour for brokeness, quick trips and long falls, kept me in a free fall, believe it or not I never meant it to be this way, but along came you... when the spiders in my prison bed we're my only friends, when all hope for love was at an end, you we're the needle that fell into the lock, the perfect combination of defiance in a constant stream of loss

Tags: Poem Love Loss

In A World So Cold
Posted On 08/21/2007 16:53:14

I got sick of the feeling, I grow cold hearing the notion, that we're wasting away, but I believe for every one of us that burns out bright, 100,000 fade to gray, in a world so cold I fumble over life and meaning, I struggle to swallow the scope of our failure, the weight of our shame, we're hardly the angels I saw as a child, more Iike the monsters I told myself, weren't real, and if we are God's people, I shiver thinking we don't deserve to bear His name, yet we carry on, like wayward daughters and sons, I can only pray the person reading this, doesn't dream His life away, that they'll fight that much harder for the millions dying this day, if they could get to one more person, maybe Jesus would smile a little longer than he did yesterday, maybe one leads to another, and yet another still is saved, in a world so cold ...

In Him For Him Again and Again
Posted On 08/21/2007 02:02:46

the winds are changing direction again, though this time their pressing towards my back, but how much longer till the hardship sets on in, and I'm going against the hurricane and against the mighty torrent of crashing waves, but if you would have me stand here while the world tears itself apart, I will not cease to call you friend, Jesus, I'd walk into the furnace, into the lion's den, I'd stand infront of a bullet, let them tear me limb from limb, because this world can have my broken body, you already have my soul, we already have our win, if they don't know their beaten let them be reminded once again, as I am cast into the fire, let the flames not consume me until you have gotten out of me every breath, every single praise you made me to deliver, then let my remains be covered, grant my loved ones closure, then real me in, open the gates, grant me papplesage to the Father, so I can live again

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