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02/23/2009 21:41:43

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05/07/2007 21:51:02
hey how have u been??

03/24/2007 01:46:02
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03/23/2007 15:35:32
Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it's not a shiney or colorful comment but I hope you have a great day anyways!!!!!!! Kaley

03/23/2007 05:38:31
Myspace Layouts
Myspace Layouts

May God bless you on this special day!

03/08/2007 15:35:31
Hey thanks for visiting my page! yours is great. well talk to you later.


12/12/2006 17:35:19
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12/11/2006 23:34:36
thanks for the add

11/15/2006 06:56:26
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Courtesy of MsTags.com

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Lady N Red

11/10/2006 20:47:02
Thank you for the add.

Moreno Junta is set-up to bring together those who wish to educate others on the status quo and to enact change. There are many who wish to do this and are currently accomplishing these tasks. However, the speed needs to be increased and it is believed that this can be done by working together in a more effectiver manner, instead of many individuals working on separate tasks. If we band together on each one's task and rotate through them more can be done.

-Each one teach one.

10/09/2006 05:46:32
Hey man whats up nm here just bored....just figured i would see what your up too...well goodnight n goodbless

10/08/2006 08:32:05
I just wanted to say welcome to the family :) you're new to YourChristianSpace, yes, but you're also a new brother in Christ and I'm so glad you are now saved! There are lots of people on this site that will pray for you and encourage you, so never be afraid to fall back on us :) I mean, you ARE stuck with us for eternity! :)

Praying for you!

10/07/2006 20:05:55

10/06/2006 13:29:31

10/04/2006 23:10:44
Thnx 4 the ADD!!
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B Blessed

10/04/2006 18:21:27

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10/03/2006 22:30:09
hey thanxs for acceptin me! lol:D and well cyaz!

10/03/2006 18:11:16

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