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Carmelized Onions
Posted On 11/17/2017 16:59:53

The wilderness is a most decidedly unpleasant place to be. It can be dirty, difficult and painful as we journey through those areas God leads us to in order to remove our ‘self’ nature from us. Some of the places we journeyed through were scary, hard, cold and bitter. I cannot hide the truth from you for if you are serious about following God you will experience such trials first hand. If you have not gone this way with God, you may think that such experiences are nothing but painful. This, however, would not be the truth. In this blog I will relay how God gave us the sweetest of lessons in the rottenest of places.

In July of this year, after we finished our book and left our basement suite, God saw fit not to put us in a home right away but allowed us to be homeless again. We were surprised by this but were able to adjust to our new reality since we had been homeless for a long time before. Some of our belongings went into storage and we wandered about this city sleeping outside in a tent where we could. It was difficult but no more difficult than camping would be. We managed to find a sports area where we could clean up and have showers and we had a little money for food. All in all, it was manageable physically but spiritually it was quite the opposite. We struggled to understand why God had made our lives difficult again after being comfortable inside for 2 years. We managed to work this out but combined with our physical circumstances over time we began to feel pretty low.

In late July what money we had ran out and we did not know what to do. Wanting to escape the city we were trapped in and not wanting to lose all our belongings to the storage company we decided to take drastic action. Early one morning we got some of our belongings and drove out of town to a place where no people were. The only place we could find was an area of brush, trees and swamp where people dumped stuff they didn’t want anymore. The only redeeming quality of this place was that it was private and no one would disturb us. Leaving Wanda, Ida and Fanny along with Milo and Lennie-girl behind, I drove back with what little gas I had and got the rest of our belongings which I brought out to the dump.

We began to wait. We were not sure of what would happen but we did not want to be in the city anymore and weren’t sure where to turn. The sun rose higher and the beat down on us relentlessly. The heat of the day was only countered by the shade of the trees. Unfortunately, as the sun rose the shade became less and we all began to overheat. Soon our water was almost gone. It was a despairing time and our mood was getting darker by the moment. As Wanda sat in the air conditioned car, Fanny, Ida and myself explored the area. We had no food left and hadn’t eaten in some time, so when Fanny and Ida found some onions growing nearby we were thankful for the sustenance. Unfortunately, the onions didn’t taste very good and we could not eat them as is.

Fanny was not in the least disturbed by this and was determined to do something with the onions. With a little pan we had, a lighter, and a little sugar, Fanny and Ida took off to see what they could do. Wanda and I stayed with our belongings; overheating in the intense sun and heat. It was miserable and difficult. Both of our spirits were sinking into the mire of depression, like some of the garbage that had sunk into the sinking mud around us. As we sat in our misery, Ida came up to us with an aluminum plate with another plate on top. She uncovered the plate and there were the most wonderful smelling caramelized onions before us. Even though they smelled excellent the taste was beyond this world delicious. It tasted like something you would find in a five-star restaurant. The contrast between our surroundings and this delectable taste treat of caramelized onions was beyond description. It was a sweet and wonderful treat that God gave us in the midst of misery.

You may have heard in your life the phrase, “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” It is a phrase that means to help you see the good in whatever situation you find yourself in. In our case it was not lemons, but onions. God had so orchestrated events in our lives to bring us to a point of desperation in that dump. In the wilderness He does this often. He knows that it is in our most desperate times, that often we make live changing decisions that will affect us for eternity. If you give up ‘self’ in these times you will gain more of Him and that is the sweetest gift of all. In our case, however, God was bringing about a change in our circumstances that would have a profound effect on our future. In the midst of the suffering, God wanted to let us know that He had not abandoned but was still with us. That whole day and incident opened up another chapter with God and others that we had not seen before, had it not been for “the carmelized onion day”.

The blessing and sweetness of the caramelized onions in that dumping ground was no accident and God worked with us to bring the blessing out. First of all, you need to know that these onions weren’t native to our area. Years earlier someone must have thrown out some onions which managed to take root and had grown on their own. Second we had to wander about to find the onions and recognize them for what they were. Third Fanny had to have the skill and materials to cook up these delectable treats which included building a small fire and sitting in the hot sun as the onions cooked. All of these things had to happen before we were able to eat the goodness God had for us.

In the wilderness you may be tempted to think that God will just bring you all the comfort and help you need with no participation from you. Don’t fall for that lie. The wilderness is meant to teach us to lean our entire being on Him through our trials. That means that we have to actively participate in our obedience to Him. We have to work with God to bring about the sweetness that He longs to give us, in the harsh desert places He will lead us through. By following Him in obedience, He can bring out the sweet truth and understanding of how He cares for His Bride. Jesus’ Bride is not ‘self’ willed and demanding but she is a co-laborer with Him. His intimacy with her is all about the shared experience of trial and difficulty where the Bride and Jesus come together to overcome. This is the sweetness that comes out of suffering. This is the joy of the Bride to share the secret delights of knowing Him in the darkest of valleys. That is the lesson of the caramelized onions.

We will not forget that difficult day in July. The heat, misery and suffering are not easy to forget but the pain is wiped away by the memory of the sweet caramelized onions. In that memory God reached out to us and said that He redeems the pain. He heals the broken heart. He has not left those that call on Him for their everything. This is the message of comfort I offer to you today. No matter where you are in the journey, or even if you have not begun, remember the lesson of the onions. He will bring sweetness out of the swamp, honey from the rock, just for you.  

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Giftings and Character
Posted On 11/16/2017 13:43:31

One of the few themes Wanda and I talk a great deal about is the great contrast between the left hand and the right hand of God. I know it may seem strange but there is an important truth that lies buried here. As we have grown in our understanding, we have learned that on God’s left hand are all His gifts and talents that He gives to people whether they are saved or not. On God’s right hand is the character that is formed when one renounces ‘self’ and embraces the lessons of patient endurance after genuine salvation. Understanding this helped us realize that there is a vast difference between the gifts God gives us and the character that is formed in us as we walk with Him.

After Jesus was resurrected from death, He met with His disciples in Jerusalem. Jesus told them to wait there for the Holy Spirit to come upon them after He had departed. Soon after, on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came upon the small group of disciples and He gave them gifts so they would have the power and authority to spread the word of Jesus to the known world. It was a tremendous experience and the gifts of the Holy Spirit have been with us ever since that time. At first these gifts from God’s left hand were a blessing to aid and help the early disciples to overcome limitations and speak powerfully the message of the resurrection. Over time, however, the ‘self’ nature in man has so corrupted these gifts to such a degree, that often they now promote the messenger and holder of the gifts over the person of Jesus. The message has also been corrupted with false gospels and lies that make a mockery of the Holy Spirit and His wonderful gifts. Sadly, now the gifts are no more than a circus side show to the world, in the hearts of those brimming with self. They are universally mocked and derided by those outside of religion who don’t understand that the fruit of love must be combined with the gifts.

The problem is not the Holy Spirit or His good and perfect gifts; the problem is the sole domain of the ‘self’ nature of man that takes the gifts of God and uses them to his or her own selfish advantage. The reason for this is that the gifts of God have no cost associated with them. The Holy Spirit freely gives gifts to His people without repentance. He does this because He knows these gifts can be used to mature the body of Christ into adult sons. What many people fail to understand about the Holy Spirit is why He was sent to us. Many think He was sent simply to give us His gifts but that is not true. Jesus made it abundantly clear what the Holy Spirit’s job really is in John 14:26. “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” The Holy Spirit’s job is to testify of Jesus so that we can follow in His example and become like Him. This is His only goal and His gifts are but one way He brings about this goal on earth.

When one receives the gifts from God’s left hand, they are solemn and powerful tools whereby one can grow into maturity and help others grow into maturity. However, if one does not use these gifts to help bring to death the ‘self’ nature that resides in all of us, ‘self’ will happily misappropriate God’s gifts to further its own selfish agenda. It will do so with so much cunning and deception that the one with the gift, and the one receiving ministry from the gift, may be completely unaware of the worm of death that has crawled in. We have watched with great sadness over the years as so many with great gifts from the Holy Spirit have squandered their gifting. They saw their gift or gifts as more important than getting rid of ‘self’. At this point, Wanda and I cannot even listen to or read all but two or three prophets because the ‘self’ in the prophetic words of others is so overwhelming to us.

Over the years we have seen a very dangerous lie spread like a cancer through many believers. The lie is that the gift is more important than character. If one only ministers and uses their gift, then it does not matter that the vessel is unclean; that is their erroneous thinking. It may not matter to these people but it matters a whole lot to God. You see God knows what His gifts are to be used for; and to promote the ‘self’ nature of man is not the proper use. What God is looking for is character. Specifically, the character of Jesus being formed in the believer until they become a disciple and then finally grow into a mature adult son. When people simply think that the ‘goal’ is somehow just to ‘minister’ or ‘use’ the gift or gifts they have been entrusted with, they have totally missed the point.  They have missed that point because their ‘self’ is willfully in control. God longs to produce the character of Christ in us; but as long as we aid and abet the fugitive from justice, ‘self’, we will not use His gifts in any way that honors Him. In fact, trying to help others with a God-given gift when ‘self’ is in control, is much like trying to smell the color of the letter 8.

There is a stark contrast that exists between those on God’s left hand and those on His right. Somehow we need to learn this truth, in the wilderness, that the gifts from God’s left hand are secondary to what is in His right hand. The Scriptures speak a great deal of the blessings that reside at His right hand for those that are obedient to Him. Those on His right hand have understood the need to lay down ‘self’ so that Christ could be formed in them by the Holy Spirit. They have gone through the trial and hardship in the wilderness to gain that precious patient endurance. They have had to bow low in humble obedience to accept the cross of Christ so they could be like Him in His suffering. In essence they have accepted that the gifts of God were less important than God Himself and they chose Jesus above all else. This is what separates those on His right hand from His left. Instead of seeking what they could ‘get’ from God to promote themselves, those on His right hand are looking to be in intimate relationship with Him. They have moved from Pentecost where they received gifts, to Tabernacles where they dwell with Jesus. These are the ones that stand at His right hand.

Wanda and I have been blessed over the years by the gifts that have flowed through others. In our early days of immaturity, we ministered with others that were also immature. Through it all, God worked past our ‘self’ and immaturity to teach us more and more about Jesus. At first we started out as a part of a large group of people that all professed we wanted more of God. Through time and circumstance, our group dwindled as individuals chose different paths. Some chose to stay immature and pursue ‘self’, while others were simply trapped in their wounding and unwilling to let Jesus heal them. Slowly we found ourselves increasingly alone and abandoned by those we once called friends and had shared our gifts with. We turned more and more to Jesus as we walked by ourselves through the desert. We watched from afar as people rose in prominence with their gifting and then quickly fell from view after moral failure. It was really a failure of ‘self’ but we did not know that truth then. It was only after Jesus completely stripped us, that we were able to see what was in us that was so opposed to God. We ourselves would have corrupted the gifts the Holy Spirit had given us had we not gone into the wilderness. Faced with the stark, brutal reality of our own treacherous ‘self’ nature, we had no choice but to repent. We want Him more than anything else; including His wonderful gifts.

Today we see more clearly what we did not know then. The gifts at God’s left hand are most excellent and very precious but they are for the earth; and like all things on the earth, the gifts will eventually pass away. At His right hand is fellowship for eternity; an intimacy that we have not found on this earth to be equaled. His presence is so precious that we cannot even begin to compare it with His mere gifts. For our family, there is no other option but to be in full union with Him even if there are no other gifts. He alone is worth everything. I call on all who read this to see past the gifts and talents to see Jesus. Move past your gift or gifts to the Giver and get to know Him. Lay down the ‘self’ in you in obedience to Him and let Him form His character in you. If you do this, I promise that the reward from His right hand will be far greater than any gift you could possibly receive from His left hand.

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Posted On 11/15/2017 00:06:39

Today we received a sobering email from our dear friend and sister in the Lord, Mia. She conveyed to us what she is going through and our hearts ached for her. Because she lives in another part of the world all we can do is stand in prayer with our sister. We feel for her because what she is experiencing is what we went through during our wilderness journey. Our empathy was given birth by having to deal with the ‘self’ nature coming at us from others just like Mia is dealing with. The ‘self’ nature is an enemy to the spirit but few understand what that looks like. Here is an inside look at the battle.

In most battles you have two opposing sides, two camps, where the world looks vastly different between the two. Yes, the rocks, trees, fields and landscape may all look the same, but how they are viewed by each side is what causes the battle. In this case you have ‘self’ on one side and spirit on the other. Both exist deep within our spirit core, but they are complete polar opposites in how they view each and every thing that happens to us. They are, in fact, at war with each other. Now the battle that happens within also will happen without when one person wants to pursue ‘self’ and another person wants to pursue spirit. Since ‘self’ and spirit are enemies, this will create friction and enmity between the two people as well. I will endeavor to explain how this plays out and what it looks like.

Let us start with examining ‘self’. ‘Self’ at its very core only cares about ‘self’, as if that’s a surprise. However, because ‘self’ comes originally from satan it has no peace. It is filled with fear, gluttony, anger, greed, lust, idolatry and all those things Paul talks about in Galatians 5:19-21. ‘Self’ knows no peace and will constantly drive those who want their ‘self’ to greater depths of evil and depravity just to appease it. The problem is that ‘self’ is never satisfied and never will be; so the person who lives for their ‘self’ nature will be restless and miserable.

In contrast to ‘self’, spirit cares deeply about God, others and the body into which it is placed. Since our spirit comes from God, it will yearn and long to return to Him; but it is also willing to suffer long in patient endurance. No sacrifice is too large; no obstacle is too big for the spirit to overcome in its pursuit of Jesus. Our spirit rests in peace because the Prince of Peace is Lord. When the spirit is in control of the person, they will be able to rest in the faith, hope and love of God; knowing that He will provide for every need.

Now a long time ago, before I ever really understood the difference between ‘self’ and spirit, God spoke to me. I was working as a government consultant at the time, and quite busy with my business. One day as I was driving in to work, God said to me, “Homer, it’s be not do.” As if I could even remotely understand what He meant by that, He then proceeded to repeat that same phrase. Many times. For many, many days. Now besides being very frustrating, it also got me to wondering why He would say that to me as I spent 20 plus hours a day slaving away, fixing my customer’s computer issues, trying to make ends meet. Despite the 10 or 15 5 minute breaks I would take each week, time would not unveil what He meant when He said, “It’s be not do.”

It took leaving my job and living a life of faith, trusting Him for our daily provision, that I began to slowly unravel the difference between the be and the do. You see, in the simplest form, to be means that we follow spirit and we are at rest as we follow Him. It does not mean we are not active; in fact, we could be very active.  It means that we are simply following His lead. We do not have to come up with a plan, and then somehow make that plan happen. He has the plan and all we have to do is follow. On the other hand, the do means that we are on our own because we are following ‘self’. Remember that ‘self’ is all about singleness; being a god to oneself. In this instance to do means that we are not following God and are not trusting Him in faith to provide for us. Instead we have to rely on our own wits, strength and resources to forge our own way forward. As such, a person living by ‘self’ will run over anyone and anything that it thinks is in the way to preserve itself. Those actions will span the gamut of mild pressure right up to killing people. This is also called witchcraft.

We have a good example in Scripture of what it looks like when be and do clash. In Luke 10:38-42 we read the following. “Now while they were on their way, it occurred that Jesus entered a certain village, and a woman named Martha received and welcomed Him into her house. And she had a sister named Mary, who seated herself at the Lord’s feet and was listening to His teaching. But Martha [overly occupied and too busy] was distracted with much serving; and she came up to Him and said, Lord, is it nothing to You that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me [to lend a hand and do her part along with me]! But the Lord replied to her by saying, Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things; There is need of only one or but a few things. Mary has chosen the good portion [that which is to her advantage], which shall not be taken away from her.” Do you see how Martha, giving way to her ‘self’ nature, is trying to pressure Jesus to put pressure on Mary, her sister, to ‘do her part’? That is exactly what the battle between ‘self’ and spirit looks like between two people. The one giving way to ‘self’ always wants the person pursuing spirit to stop worshiping God, and to start worshiping the god of ‘self’. Jesus rightly pointed out that Martha was restless and not at peace because she was following ‘self’. He put a stop to Martha’s ‘self’ fueled pressure, and told her that Mary had chosen the correct course of spirit. By doing this Jesus also gave us a model of how to graciously say no to the pressure from ‘self’ and make room for the spirit.

In the wilderness, we experienced this conflict many times, just as our dear sister Mia is experiencing it today; but we do not have the physical presence of Jesus to stop the battle. Instead we have the Holy Spirit inside of us. As we follow Jesus in spirit, we must learn how to face people who are wallowing in ‘self’, and not give in to their pressure. It is in the wilderness where we learned to be gracious, but unyielding, to those who wished us to worship ‘self’ as they did. In our particular journey, we had family members that demanded that we stop following God in faith and return home. We said no. Government demanded that we surrender our free will to their agenda to continue receiving their aid. We said no. Religion demanded, many times, that we just get a job immediately and stop following God in faith. We said no. Business said that it was the only one that would provide for us as long as we slaved away at a low paying job. We said no. We knew that we were on a journey; a journey that cost us everything and was more exhausting than any job I have ever had. We knew that if we gave in to ‘self’, we would forever be separated from the deepest union with God, and we could not fathom that. As long as He was leading, we would follow Him. We had to learn how to say ‘no’ to ‘self’ even as we said ‘yes’ to the Holy Spirit. We were committed to the be; not the do.

As long as there is ‘self’ in us, we will always place pressure on others to conform to what we want. We may be very subtle, sneaky and may not even be aware of what we are doing; but it will always be there. ‘Self’ sees the world as a fearful place where you have to kill or be killed. Pressure must be applied to get what ‘self’ wants. Spirit sees the world as a place of God’s glory where we will be cared for by our loving Father. This is the fundamental difference between ‘self’ and spirit and the cause for every battle between the two. Unless we are willing to let God deal with our ‘self’, it will remain and will wreak havoc on other’s lives as well as our own. If you choose to follow the Holy Spirit, in obedience, you will be on a collision course with ‘self’ and the pressure it brings to bear. If you stand against this pressure to worship ‘self’, you will grow stronger and you will mature in faith. Jesus will not take these trials from you; but He most certainly will walk through them with you.

The battle between ‘self’ and spirit is not an easy one; whether it is within us or from without with others. I hope and pray that you will choose spirit and be willing to face down your mortal enemy, called ‘self’.

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Posted On 11/14/2017 04:22:54

I am writing this on Remembrance Day; a day when we remember those who have fallen in battle. It is a solemn time when we remember the sacrifices of others to protect us. As I walked Milo this morning God, spoke to me about the importance of remembering. His point to me was that, as a family, we needed to remember what was important. Memory plays a vital role in our wilderness journey, but there is a twist to it. You see memory can serve the purposes of either ‘self’ or spirit. It is important to understand just what we are to remember during our wilderness journey and afterwards.

Today we remember the soldiers that died in battle; but would we have remembered them without a formal Remembrance Day ceremony? Even with this day of remembrance, just how many will remember their sacrifices on the battlefield? Do many even care? I am afraid that as we sink deeper and deeper into a ‘self’ focused world, more and more people will simply skip over remembering what others have done for them. It seems that the act of redemptive remembering is just too hard for many today.

Thankfully, there is a God who watches over us and sees all time in truth. There is no escaping His eye and no avoiding His penetrating truth. One of the most powerful tools He has given us is our power to remember. The problem that we have is that our memory has to be in line with His truth and not our ‘self’ nature. We need to remember as He does, and not as we wish to remember; otherwise we will go astray. To help us with these memories God has, in the past, instructed our forefathers to build memorials specifically to help them remember that which our ‘self’ nature is so willing to forget.

Remembering is a key part of who we are for it connects our past to our present and helps us understand where we have been. In the Bible we have instances where God instituted memorials that were to act as a witness for future generations. “And Joshua said to them, Pass over before the ark of the Lord your God in the midst of the Jordan, and take up every man of you a stone on his shoulder, as is the number of the tribes of the Israelites, That this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come, What do these stones mean to you? Then you shall tell them that the waters of the Jordan were cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord; when it passed over the Jordan, the waters of Jordan were cut off. So these stones shall be to the Israelites a memorial forever.” Joshua 4:5-7. When Joshua and the Israelites left the wilderness, God wanted them to remember what He, and they, had done, and so He had them build a memorial. Others, who had not experienced the event, would then be encouraged to ask what the memorial meant. This memorial was built to help them, and us, understand just what happened from God’s perspective.

‘Self’, however, is so focused on the present that the past is often a burden to it. This is why the old statement, ‘those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it’ is as true today as when it was first uttered. ‘Self’ is very selective about what it allows the soul to remember. Acts of selfishness and hurting others are often glossed over, minimized or forgotten. Accomplishments are often blown out of proportion. Grievances from past wounds are exacerbated. Pride and fear live together as ‘self’ cherry picks and gives to our mind, heart and will only those memories that serve its deviant purposes. When it is convenient to ‘self’, memories are simply forgotten in order to avoid responsibility. We have seen this example during the recent past presidential election and the Hollywood revelations. The simple act of remembering when ‘self’ is in control is fraught with danger. This danger can only be eliminated by the death of ‘self’; and the only way we know how God can effectively deal with the ‘self’ in us, is through the season of the wilderness.

As we walked the barren wilderness, there is no way I can convey properly the many, many months, weeks, days and hours of complete boredom as we simply sat in the place God had put us. Yes, there were very bad days of hardship and suffering; but that was not the norm. The norm of the wilderness appears to be many days where nothing happens. It is in this place of quietness and isolation that the ‘self’ nature is continually exposed. ‘Self’ cannot stand being still, and it flails wildly trying to escape death. In these moments God would beckon us to remember. There were times when He would point us to Scripture to show us where He had provided for the Israelites and the early Christians. More frequently, however, God would remind us of the miracles of provision He had done for our family in the wilderness when we needed it most. Of course, we first had to take a leap of faith that He would provide; but after, we had numerous experiences with His provision. It became less about blind faith and more about knowledge and trust. Now faith is so ingrained in us we can act no other way.

We have found that the simple act of remembering is a battle in the wilderness; and who wins will determine if we make it through to the other side. ‘Self’ will continually tell us that there is nothing miraculous in the wilderness; that all we have gone through is just mean and cruel. It will darken all memory, expunging it of all good to throw us into despair, discouragement, and despondency. Fueled by darkness, all that satan and our ‘self’ nature wants us to see is how bad our trials and sufferings are. With hopelessness, fear and anger it strips Jesus from our memory so that we only see the bad. Spirit, on the other hand, will tell us to look at God and see how He has orchestrated time, events and people to bring about His will to provide for us. The Holy Spirit will lift us up past the negative voices of ‘self’, satan and others, so we can see our past in the radiant light of how Jesus is leading and providing for us. There is no despair in Jesus’ voice; only hope and a promise that God will never leave us nor forsake us. These two different perspectives between ‘self’ and spirit actively affect our ability to remember. Who wins these continual battles in the wilderness over our memories affects us deeply.

Keep in mind we are not objective observers of our past experiences, but instead are subjective participants. We will always have the interloper inside of us called the ‘self’ nature, which at every possible opportunity will try and hijack our memories for evil. ‘Self’ has all the support of the demons and satan to bring up only that which will discourage and even diminish us in every possible way. There is no situation we will find ourselves in that satan and ‘self’ will not twist to try and kill our faith. The Holy Spirit of God, however, will always remind us of what He has accomplished for us, and what we have experienced of His provision. In every circumstance, every event, no matter how small, God actively provides for us in the wilderness. He wants us to focus on and remember His great love and sacrifice for us; even as we lay down our lives as a sacrifice for Him. Always be aware that what we choose to remember is as important as the exercise that we remember.

We must remember God’s goodness to us in the wilderness. It is essential for our faith to grow. Today’s preachers, teachers, prophets and leaders all seem to suffer from the delusion that faith is some sort of passive intellectual exercise; bereft of actual physical experience. Nothing could be further from the truth. Faith is meant to be lived and experienced daily. Anything less is definitely not biblical faith. Faith, by its very nature, requires action and our active participation in its development and growth. What is one active ingredient of faith God is looking for? – Memory. The active portion of faith is to remember the events that God has done in our past, to encourage us to keep going in the future. When we remember God's acts in our life, we are honoring Him and giving glory to Him; but we are also building up our living faith to take the next step of obedience whatever that step may be. This is the active faith that will protect us in the days ahead when we cannot see what is coming. Our ‘self’ nature will attempt to convince us that the hardships and sufferings of the past will continue; but we must counter that with active faith and memories of God’s loving provision.

Active faith is built on the memorials of God’s miraculous provision. It is now time we remember, not through the lens of ‘self’, but through the eyes of the spirit. Just as God provided for our family a Spritz Up drink or hot dogs and cake when we were very thirsty and hungry, so He will provide for you. I can even remember that one night in November 2011 when I had to hike through muddy fields with ice cold sleet coming down and howling wind just to get some tarps to keep my family warm. Do I remember the pain and cold? No, instead I remember singing the sweet song, Jesus Loves Me, as Jesus walked beside me and the angels sang along with me in complete harmony. That, my friends, is how we are to remember.

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