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with great power comes great responsibility

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27 years old
Columbiana, Alabama
United States
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swimming, videogames, getting out and having a good time, driving, traveling

life recovery bible, starwars,

starwars,titanic, 2012, superhero movies, dragonball evolution

plus 44, 30 seconds to mars, breaking benjamin, creed, coldplay, crossfade, deftones, dem franchise boyz, EVANESCENCE, electric light orchestra, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH,fuel, gray numan, hans zimmers, hoobastank, immediate music, kenji yamamoto, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, linkin park, limp bizkit, marilyn manson,muse, my chemical romance, nightwish, nine inch nails,orgy, puddle of mudd, red, rage against the machine, shinedown, SR-71, slipknot, skillet, static-x, trivium, underoath, videogame music, x ray dog,

matthew chapter 21 verse 22- if anything you ask in prayer, believing, you shall recieve.ROMANs chapter 8, john 3:17, matthew chapter 5,6,7,

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Status: It's been a while

they call me drew, andrew is cool though, i get called andrew very little. im 21 years young. im staying with my parents and my sister in columbiana alabama. im a huge christian with few mental problems. i struggle with serious depression and anger problems. when i get mad im a completely different evil person. i struggle with alot of panic attacks and anxiety attacks but i take medicine for all this so it helps alot. i struggled with alot more stuff like serious suicide, hallucinations, skizophrenia, and paranoia. but all that stuff has worn off. i struggled with all of this since i was 4. ive been on drugs and marijuana before i struggled with that but no more. now I AM ABOVE THE INFLUENCE!! IVE BEEN DONE WITH THAT STUFF FOR OVER A YEAR NOW! ive almost overdosed taking 80 pills to commit suicide. i did that 3 times. but GOD saved me from that by puking it all up. ive been seriously scarred bad from bullying. ive been bullyed all my life since kindergarden. after having enough of it i started fighting in 4th grade all the way up to my senior year. ive ran away from school in 2nd grade, i brough a hacksaw to school in 3rd grade. i got in alot of trouble in school. all because of bullying. bulyying does some serious damage. IT WILL SCAR YOU. it has done alot of damage to me. i found GOD in may of 2007. ive been into him ever since. im addicted to GOD. i read the bible in 17 days. i underlined just about everything that i thought was interesting. now im just fighting the good fight which is anger and depression. im a very good person if you want to know me. i have a very soft heart now. ever since ive graduated from moody high school in 2009, GOD has softened my heart. i wouldnt hurt anything if i put my mind to it. well chat with me if ya interested.

dragonball z, starwars, women,mac and cheese, ramen noodles, anything and verybody that will prevent me from being lonely.

violence, drugs,marijuana, bad influence, satan,

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ty for the friend request :)

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