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Steve Zuwala

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02/13/2009 13:33:39

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****** Recent article from a Northern California paper ******

By God and guitar -- Musician has made it from down and out to up and comer

By Joe Giovannetti | Daily Republic | November 28, 2007
No way that was Steve Zuwala's answer.

And nothing could change his mind.

God could send down a request from heaven and Zuwala's answer would be the same.

No thanks.

Not interested.

Try the guy next door.

It had been about a year, but he wasn't counting. Doing so would drive him crazy. One 24-hour day could feel like forever.

Zuwala spent the longest five years of his life at Lompoc prison camp, a low-security satellite facility adjacent to the Southern California federal penitentiary for non-violent, white collar offenders.

Only a fraction into his sentence, Zuwala wanted out. In his mind, he shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Zuwala spent most of his time doing nothing, giving nothing back, just thinking.

The thought he couldn't shake was that this was God's fault.

'During that time, I denounced God,' Zuwala said. 'I didn't want anything to do with him because he put me away for something I didn't do.'

Prison camp gives a man a lot of time to think. The only way to pass the time is to consider why you're there.

Some men take the blame and accept the punishment.

Others point fingers at someone else.

Some men leave a better man, a healed man, a productive member of society.

Others fall back into the lifestyle that got them there in the first place.

Most spend a lot of time sitting and thinking.

John Burke, who retired as the prison camp's chaplain in 2005, gave Zuwala the chance to be something more.

One day, Zuwala wandered into the chapel. He spotted a guitar, picked it up and started playing.

Burke, needing a musical influence to inject life into the chapel, noticed and asked the musician if he would play on Sunday.

That's when Zuwala gave the chaplain his two-word refusal no way and walked out of God's house thinking he'd never be a visitor again.

Burke was undeterred.

'I really do owe him a lot, 'Zuwala said. 'He's an incredible person.'

Today, Zuwala is an ocean away from Lompoc. His life story might be the plot of 'The Shawshank Redemption' come to life.

Except instead of owning a boat in Zihuatanejo on the coast of Mexico, Zuwala has a place in Maui.

'You wouldn't want me to tell you how the weather is today,' Zuwala said. 'It's 70 to 80 degrees and the ocean is right outside my door.'

Before Maui and even before Lompoc, Zuwala lived in Benicia for five years in the mid-1990s. He returns every winter, usually on the way to awards shows in Nashville, to visit family and friends in the area.

In Benicia, Zuwala threw himself into his work, selling siding.

He'd leave Monday on a sales call, maybe, if he was lucky, returning Sunday to see his two children.

'I was a work-o-holic with no emphasis on home life,' Zuwala said.

Before sunrise Monday morning, he'd be back on the road again. Away from his home, trying to grind out a paycheck, like so many down-on-their-luck guys in the country songs he now writes.

In 1998, Zuwala got tied up in a lawsuit that took him off the road and a mail fraud conviction landed him at Lompoc. His stay marked the darkest time in his life, but it also changed his perspective on it.

'It may sound trite and corny, but I was a non-believer,' Zuwala said of his relationship with God. 'I was away from friends and family. This was the worst part of my life. But when you get to the lowest point, it's about that time that you look up. I looked up and there he was. I wrote songs and people started going into chapel, bringing their families. I have to think there was a divine intervention. It wasn't just coming from me, otherwise it would've been there before.'

Zuwala was released in 2003.

At Lompoc, Zuwala wrote most of the material that appeared on 'So Help Me God,' which was nominated by GMA Dove for Best Country Album of 2004.

His latest release, 'Tough Guys,' also draws on his experience at Lompoc.

'When I get the Grammy, the big guy can take the credit,' Zuwala said. 'But I'm taking the statue.'

Reach Joe Giovannetti at 427-6935 or jgio@dailyrepublic.net.



The title track off of Steve Zuwala's third album, 'Tough Guys,' has been released to 3,500 radio stations worldwide. Zuwala's album is scheduled to be released in upcoming months. Zuwala released two albums in 2004. 'Heartbreak' earned a Grammy nomination for Best Country Album. 'So Help Me God' was nominated by GMA Dove for Best Country Album. Zuwala is asking his fans to call into their local stations to request 'Tough Guys.' For more information, visit www.stevezuwala.com.

I thank God for ALL He gave me and for His forgiveness and understanding. WIthout God, His Son and the Holy Spirit, I would have withdrawn into the darkness. Thank you Father for leading me to the light.
I owe EVERY success and joy to You.

Your newest fan,

Steve Zuwala

Visit my website for music, tour dates and videos

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