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I'm not a "wanna be" i'm who i wanna be!!

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Mood: Happy Happy
Status: At Dad's babysitting.
22 years old
South Crapsana, Illinois
United States
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GENDER: Female
RELIGION: Christian
DENOMINATION: Non-Denominational
JOB: Billionare
SMOKE: Never
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i love to read and write!
music is my life! i love to play the piano and flute and learning the guitar! i also love to sing! and talk on the phone! i talk a lot!

Faith Love Peace
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anything by Natasha Friend, and anything young adult or teen fiction!

and of course the bible!

You're Just Jealous
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Beaches, A walk to remember, Enough, Forrest Gump,Napoleon Dynamite.......GOSH lol, Center Stage, The Breakfast club, Titanic, The Others, Juno, Hancock,Legally Blonde and a ton more,funny movies, scary movies, thriller movies, so basically all of the above!!

So This is Love
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Anything but elevator music! I have a very wide range of music taste!=D


my bffs, NEVER ALONE, Falling Up Rocks!!!, Awesome Christian Rockers, most cute girls on this site

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Status: At Dad's babysitting.

Hey. i'm Sara. Music is my life! I'm pretty easy to talk to...any questions? ask...

so send me a message! :)


I LIKE TO............hang out with friends, go to the movies, school, i like to read write i also love poetry :)and if u want to know more than send me a message!

my motto is...everything will be ok in the end, so if it's not ok then it isn't the end!

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Satan...and liars...and haters...

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07/23/2009 03:45:27

probably not what you were expecting, huh? lol

I've got to go 4 the night. I'll be back on 2morrow if you want to talk then.

07/23/2009 03:40:30

sara_blair wrote:

Oh...i've heard of that but what is it exactly? lol

someone who performs autopsies to find out why that person died.

07/23/2009 03:29:52

sara_blair wrote:

That's cool. So you want to be a doctor? What kind?

a Forensic Pathologist.

07/23/2009 02:54:24

sara_blair wrote:

Oh, i see. That's interesting.

Yeah. it's a lot of fun. helping people and learning at the same time.

07/23/2009 02:44:05

well, I'm taking advanced medical classes at my high school. I do an internship like thing at the hospital as well. I want to go in the military as a corpsman, which is kind of a Marine version of a field medic.

07/23/2009 02:27:03

You're welcome. anytime.

07/23/2009 02:13:15

yeah, I'm somewhat familiar with it. i'll be sure to keep her in my prayers.

BTW, I'm a medical student, so that's where I heard of it.

07/23/2009 02:05:50

Really? wats wrong? if u don't mind me asking. if u want to message it to me so that it will be private, you can.

07/23/2009 01:53:59

sara_blair wrote:

I am pretty good. How about you?

I'm okay, I guess. just praying for my friend.

07/23/2009 01:44:54

sara_blair wrote:

Thanks..and i agree. lol.

Hi Jon, I'm Sara.


Hi Sara. how r u? lol.

07/23/2009 01:31:29

I love ur background. it's so true.

BTW, I'm Jon.

07/22/2009 20:09:21

Thanks for the add!

05/08/2009 02:35:18

sara_blair wrote:

motor_skaterD wrote:

so wats been up with you?


sara_blair wrote:

Hey, we haven't talked in like a million years. lol what have you been up to?

lol this comments from like 6moths ago lol havnt been on in forever but not much

neither have i. haha. i forgot i sent that. lol.

05/07/2009 22:28:42

sara_blair wrote:
Hey, we haven't talked in like a million years. lol what have you been up to?

lol this comments from like 6moths ago lol havnt been on in forever but not much

04/09/2009 14:07:57

LOOOOOOOOVE the background....so r u in band or sing?

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