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Letter to the Faithful - Fill on Words !
Posted On 07/25/2016 17:05:40 by ChristnMe


These curses are of words like when someone keeps telling their kid, they won’t amount to anything and that very expectation comes to pass because that’s how the kid see themselves. Any word spoken with conviction orders the angels into action. Righteous words for God’s angels and darkness words for satan’s. We see this commanding in Jesus’s life including when He spoke directly to evil spirits.

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Feature Blog: Before the Bible.
Posted On 07/22/2016 19:37:00 by ChristnMe


It is estimated between Adam and Moses when the Torah; the first five books of the bible was written is close to 3000 years. This would be the beginning of the “written Word” inspired by God. Now, we have to remember the books from Genesis to Deuteronomy covers a lot of time from creation to giving of the Ten Commandments and the arrival into the promise land. It is calculated that twenty-six generations came before Moses. So how... Read More

Expect the unexpected !
Posted On 07/04/2016 21:31:52 by ChristnMe

We can’t accept that in this life we won’t face trials and tribulations especially as this age comes to an end. If anything we should all the more be prepared for them. Now, I am not saying we become maniacal over trouble like some suicide squad looking for pain and glory. We are the redeemed. and as such we wear our badges. bruises and burdens with dignity, honor and righteousness knowing all the while we are called for the word sake and are witnesses to the world as Jesus was and... Read More

Letter to the Faithful - June 13, 2016.
Posted On 06/13/2016 18:36:11 by ChristnMe

Overcome !

That victory can be short lived when faced with having to leave your sanctuary and to confront the darkness of the world. Then; take it all with you. Take all your armor with you as you venture into the world. Paul urges us to put on the whole armor of God. From the top of our heads to the soles of our feet, we are to be armed. Another way to say this, is that we are to be enclosed, encased with Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Faith, Salvation, and the Word. By enclosing around... Read More

Posted On 09/25/2013 09:35:18 by PastorZomok

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