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Visiting with relatives
Posted On 12/29/2010 05:15:31 by PastorZomok

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We had a relatively calm Christmas dinner.  It was so good that I was more interested in eating then talking, but afterwords, one of my uncles started to talk about Jesus and saying that he was the first thing created and used Revelation 3:14 as a text for his case.  He is somewhat hung up on the King James Translation and thinks no other s... Read More

new bible yay! x3
Posted On 08/15/2010 10:03:45 by jesusfreak4316

thank you suanne and billevans ill keep these things in mind God bless you

well today my unkle didnt talk to me at all i guess he is still pissed at me for being differant than most kids (praise God!  dont wanna be like those other kids they vicious) and my aunt sat me down to talk to me about what happened yesterday with my unkle and she told me that she was on my side (basically) and just told me to avoid him as much as i can.  advice i intend to follow (i dont like gettin... Read More

Firey Words
Posted On 06/30/2010 22:12:39 by suanne

The tongue is a consuming fire.  Be careful how you use it.  This is from book of James.  How amazing that something so small can be so dangerous.  These questions should be answered before we speak.  Is it truthful?  Is it kind?  Is it necessary?  Is it the right time?  Taming the tongue is lifelong process from what I can see.   As many have said, we have two ears to listen and one mouth for speaking; we should listen twice as much as w... Read More

Walk, Sit, Stand, Meditate
Posted On 06/30/2010 00:18:21 by suanne

Blessed is he who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked,

who does not stand in the way of sinners,

and does not sit in the seat of mockers.

But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on it he meditates day and night.

He is like a tree planted beside streams of water,

whose leaf does not wither,

who bears fruit in season. 

Whatever he does prospers.

- first part of Psalm 1.  Where do you and I walk, sit, and stand?&... Read More

Yeshua, Author and Perfecter of our Faith (Heb. 12:2)
Posted On 06/08/2010 01:30:10 by sureclarity

Thank God for Yeshua, that’s what I say! Our estranged children are never far from our thoughts even though I try to keep my mind from wandering down that well-worn path of disappointment and sorrow. Every day that goes by without a word from them or a sighting of them is a hard day; getting easier to deal with, but still hard to face. It’s been nearly two years now since they cut themselves off from us, and tho... Read More

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