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Posted On 06/18/2010 23:01:28 by suanne

The Bible.  Read all of it - old and new testaments.  Then read it again and again and again.  And keep on reading it.  Never stop reading it.  All the answers you need are in THE BIBLE.  The author and perfector of our faith wrote it,  I highly recommend Him.  He is blameless.  And He is The Truth.  He wrote it.  He ought to know.  He created wisdom, knowledge, laws of science, laws of spirit.  Here is the weird thing:  Th... Read More

Words of Wisdom for the Day
Posted On 05/10/2010 23:51:13 by BibleRhymes

Here are the words of wisdom for today...

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)

Hope those words serve you well!



... Read More

The Young Person's Guide to Wisdom
Posted On 05/06/2010 08:50:05 by Jeff

The Young Person’s Guide to wisdom

Walk into your local bookstore and take a peek at the Christian section and you will see the shelves filled with books written by popular preachers and Christian authors.  The most popular Christian books today are books that build up your self-esteem, and tell you how wonderful you are in Christ. ... Read More

In The Middle
Posted On 12/23/2009 18:32:36 by Supergirl

In The Middle


They cover their faces.

It’s like a mask before you.

They leave their traces.

You never can tell what’s true.


They’re the rainbow.

Their eyes pierce the night.

It’s not... Read More

Not You
Posted On 10/27/2009 19:23:38 by Supergirl

Not You


I can give you words as sweet as lilies,

But you just never listen.

I can tell you it’ll be okay in the end,

But you push me away.

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