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Follow the fruit.
Posted On 05/31/2017 16:49:12 by ChristnMe

To be a Christian is just the same as the night is to light. God’s first act was to shed light upon the darkness of the Earth just as if one would shed a right perspective of clarity on an issue that is based on ignorance. Simply put; a Christian ought to be someone who is not subjecting themselves to the ignorance of darkness by not having wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. The Body of Christ is called to be the light of the world - Matt. 5:14 and to expose that light - 2 Cor. 4:6. Yet;... Read More

The will of God is not always comfortable!
Posted On 11/26/2016 13:19:45 by PastorZomok

 Some people speak of the will of God as if they think it is a happy place to be in or doing the will of God brings comfort and safety. Actually being in the will of God is not safe, certainly not in a temporary sense.  It was God's will that Jesus died for the sins of mankind.  This was painful for the savior as he accepted the father's will.  The episode in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-) alone proves that.  Doing the will of God can be painful!... Read More

Letter to the Faithful - Let us pray !
Posted On 11/14/2016 23:45:53 by ChristnMe

The enemy will not be satisfied regardless of how much is done in the name of peace and goodwill for all men. For the world is not able to have balance, fairness, and justice for all. Remember, satan the prince of the air, goal is to kill, steal and destroy.


... Read More

Letter to the Faithful - Do not be Afraid !
Posted On 08/23/2016 03:12:48 by ChristnMe


By surrendering our life to Jesus, we have become partakers of His sacrifice because we are now engrafted into His life towards the Father's will for all to be saved. We can only do this if we are in places where Jesus’ blood sacrifice can be perpetuated as Salvation for others being ignorant of darkness. It is by the Spirit are we placed to reveal Christ in us being willing and lead by the spirit toward this s... Read More

A Family Based on Christ
Posted On 01/08/2014 03:09:48 by PastorZomok

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