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Ake Green and Swedish persecution
Posted On 09/02/2008 00:36:08 by PastorZomok

Although Pastor Ake Green of Sweden won his case a few years back, it is still important to point this case out.  Theres too many people that need to wake up and learn about this issue and related things.  It can't be ignored because there are those in our nation, some in government, that wish to take away your right to say the truth.  We can't sleep while deceitful and cowardly individuals are sneaking around trying t... Read More

Support traditional Marriage: California
Posted On 08/30/2008 06:58:46 by PastorZomok

To anyone living in California or have friends in California: support truth and traditional marriage.  Its absolutely important to a free and just society.  Read what the American Family Association has to say.  Support Proposition 8 in California.

American Family Association

... Read More

Brief book reviews #2
Posted On 08/14/2008 07:19:09 by PastorZomok

Even though I've had the internet in my home for about a decade now I still go to the library and fetch books.  Sometimes I feel guilty for it because I get so much info. online and I have several bookcases full of books, but not everything is online and sometimes I like to sit with a book in hand and read.  I also like to do a few reviews sometimes in the hope that I can direct others toward good literature. Here are a few brief book reviews:

*Slandering JESUS, by DR. Erwin... Read More

Gay Marriage: no such thing.
Posted On 06/26/2008 08:36:34 by PastorZomok

In our modern society truth and critical thinking are often not respected.  This is true in the issue of so-called "Gay Marriage".  There is no such thing.  You see, true spousal marriage is an outworking of the linking of the Male and Female principles and parts!!!   It is not a hard thing to grasp but many ignore the fact.  Some wish to change the reality of it and would even suppress anyone from sayin... Read More

Book Review: What's so Great About Christianity?
Posted On 04/29/2008 15:24:49 by PastorZomok

By Dinesh D'Souza-This Bestseller is certainly a good book.  First let me tell you that I had trouble finding a copy.  I first went to Borders and they had no copy and this was the third time I went to Borders in search of literature and was let down, so I no longer bother with borders.  I finally purchased my copy at Barnes and Noble.  They actually had more than a dozen on the shelf! This is something... Read More

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