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Betrayal of Trust
Posted On 08/09/2012 03:22:50 by FootPrints09

No matter the type of relationship, be it romantic, friendly, or between parent and child, an essential ingredient is trust. trust defines every interaction in a relationship, it builds intimacy and it strengthens bonds. Without trust no relationship can thrive. Unfortunately people don’t always cherish trust the way that they should. Because it is often given freely at first it is also easily taken for granted. When trust has been damaged it can spell doom for a relationship and it can be... Read More

Truly, how much is in your hands?
Posted On 06/09/2011 15:34:17 by purecreationfromabove

When I look upon my hands and I can feel the wind upon them, yet when I close them, do I have the control of the wind within?

When I was young to wisdom, I thought I had alot of control over circumstances, things and others, only did I learn later that I have no more control than the wind blowing through my hand.

Yet I have given understanding in Gods Word and His Holy Spirit to show me how to trust in Him who controls even the wind through my hands.

Thank You Lord Jesus... Read More

God is our hiding place..
Posted On 03/04/2011 22:45:58 by PastorZomok

Psalm 32:7

God is both our hiding place and rest.  Jesus said, in Matthew 11:28, "Come to me all you that labor and I will give you rest....".  One can also read Hebrews chapter 4 and see that there is a higher true rest for believers in Christ.  I am not certain if this supersedes the Sabbath or not.  Some say yes and others say no.  I am inclined to believe it does if a Christian is extremely spirit... Read More

Posted On 07/22/2010 22:39:21 by suanne

David was loyal to God and, therefore, did not kill Saul the numerous chances he had.  David would not lay a hand on God's annointed king, even though God had so promised He would make David king.  David understood it had to be done in God's time and in God's way.  David trusted that God would do what He said He would do.  David knew he didn't have to scheme and manuever and manipulate to achieve God's goal for his life.  Throughout this time in David's life, he was a... Read More

Words of Wisdom for the Day
Posted On 05/10/2010 23:51:13 by BibleRhymes

Here are the words of wisdom for today...

trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)

Hope those words serve you well!



... Read More

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