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What?!! This Just Can't Be!! But It Is...
Posted On 04/01/2011 17:53:19 by elliedunn1145

A couple of days ago, I left a friend request, to someone, I've seen in posts on other blogs.....And I got this response back....

"There is no word in the Bible, that means rapture, so we have nothing in common, unless your willing to learn more about the Non-Existent Rapture."
This person is right you know....There is nothing in the Bible, not even one little word, that means rapture.....
And as for the Non-Existent Rapture?  Now that is what I believe in.....Read 1 Thessal... Read More

Reverend Franklin Graham talks about Japan's earthquake, tsunami, and...
Posted On 03/23/2011 13:05:10 by Twice_Blessed_Mom

The cataclysmic earthquake and tsunami in Japan have all the trappings of Armageddon, but there’s no way to know whether the end times are upon us, evangelist Franklin Graham tells Newsmax. His advice in the wake of the tragedy: Help your fellow man as much as you can, and always be prepared to meet your maker.

Read more on Newsmax.com: Franklin Graham: Japan Quake, Tsunami Feels Like End Times



... Read More

Praise God! PRAISE GOD!
Posted On 02/09/2011 05:02:17 by Lucie

Today was SUCH a hard day! During hard times, it is good to remember that God is holding me tight!

My 13 year old daughter has bipolar and can get completely out of control and today, she gave my youngest daughter a black eye. We had to call the police and she almost went to juvenile Detention. I am also going through a custody battle with my ex husband and I had to finish the parenting plan that I was proposing and that is itself was more stressful than I can even explain. Thr... Read More

The Last Days According to the Bible.
Posted On 01/09/2011 16:24:47 by PastorZomok

______________________________ ______________________________ _

According to Peter-

Some ask this question or something akin to it, "Do you think we are living in the "Last Days"?  They ask this wondering if the "last Days" have started yet, but many would be surprised to find out that the 'last Days" began centuries ago ....in New Testament times!!!! We... Read More

Sounding Off Time Again
Posted On 01/07/2011 17:11:24 by elliedunn1145

I read an article in today's paper...It said that wild life kill of is a daily thing that happens everyday.....Come again?  
If that's the case, then why hasn't anything been said about it before now?  They say it's an under the radar thing.....Baloney!!  I think they are just trying to cover this up.....
They are now cropping up everywhere!!  Arkansas, and Kansas, were birds....The Ozarks are birds and water life....Chesapeake Bay is water life, as well as in Viet N... Read More

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