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Rays of Son column, week of Jan. 1, 2012
Posted On 01/02/2012 01:54:20 by kidcool4jesus

Father time sends personal messages

to those who appreciate his work




By Greg Miller



Father time decided to send personal messages to a few of the people whom he felt truly appreciated his work with minutes and seconds.


“Only a very small percentage of this world’s population actually realize how hard I work,” Father time wrote to a senior citizen named Felicia. “And you are one of those s... Read More

Don't You Ever Get Tired?
Posted On 12/08/2011 18:40:53 by elliedunn1145

Well Christmas is almost upon us....And again, I'm hearing....If you celebrate Christmas, you're pagan.....Strange, I hear that at Easter too....What is a Pagan?
Pagan:  A person who does not worship God, especially someone who worships idols....
That is so not me!!  I do not worship other idols, or man made-objects. There is only one God....God sent His only begotten Son, to earth....
When he was born, it was late summer, or maybe fall....And when he was born, 3 Wise Men (... Read More

It's Not Christmas.....Yet!!
Posted On 11/03/2011 18:35:21 by elliedunn1145

Halloween was on Monday, but....
Christmas advertisements were already being shown on television!  From Target, and Sears....I guess they wanted to be first in reaching the shoppers for Christmas.....
Well....I've decided to skip those stores, if I should do any shopping this year....That remains to be seen.....
Now that halloween is over with, the stores are getting busy for....Not Thanksgiving, but Christmas...
I just know, when we do our weekly grocery shopping this weeken... Read More

May 21st, The Big Day, Or Is It?
Posted On 05/19/2011 16:37:04 by elliedunn1145

Well, just 2 more days....May 21st.  The big day, or is it?  
Harold Camping, was 89 years old in 2007, when he predicted that the Rapture would be on May 21st. 2011.....
He made the prediction on Family Radio, an independent ministry station that he founded....It took all this time, to reach around the world and now.....
The people working for the Ministry of Family Radio, had their final meal together....They know that it's over, there will be no more meetings....
They... Read More

On Line Games.....
Posted On 04/27/2011 17:38:40 by elliedunn1145

Are you one of those who play games on line?  On face Book, and on some other sites, they have game apps.  Do you play any of them? Or do you have a game site up, that you visit, and lay their games? If you do, stop!!!
Watched CBS This Morning, and caught a segment of the show, about on line game players, who have had their I.D.'s stolen from them.... They are, or rather were, on line game players......
Their names, and Social Security Number's, have been, or still are bei... Read More

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