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In His Prsence.
Posted On 02/03/2017 01:00:44 by ChristnMe


The Father desires a personal relationship with each and everyone of His image. A concept and feat that boggles the mind as most of us can barely maintain a constant amicable relationship with just one person much less several. Yet, this personal relation is unique in its entire context. There will be common ground but your considerations make that one on one time, special, private and fulfilling. Euphoria can be attained... Read More

A New Season
Posted On 01/02/2017 18:00:30 by ChristnMe


As one year comes to an end, tradition dictates that we ring in the New Year and make wishes, resolutions, and promises that eventually fade away as they are made without a solid foundation or commitment to a quality change and a vision for that change or improvement. Many go through this tradition without realizing that unfulfilled words and statements are an indication of one’s resolve, stamina, and tenacity to the things of life... Read More

Facebook and other waste
Posted On 01/01/2015 04:57:52 by PastorZomok

There comes a time when a person has had enough of foolishness and stupidity from persons, places and things and must shake the dust off their shoes and go on.  Just hours ago I... Read More

Posted On 09/25/2013 09:35:18 by PastorZomok

Posted On 01/03/2012 19:58:36 by elliedunn1145

Another New Year has started....What will it mean?  Well....

For those who believe that this world will in December, because the Mayan Calender is ending, you could be wrong, then again, who knows?
I, myself, don't know...I do know, that I will be watching, as I always have, for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.....
Those saying it will end, in December, when the Mayan Calender ends, is giving us a time....Whoa!!  Only God knows the time, not even the angels in heave... Read More

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