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The Heavens Declare !
Posted On 03/02/2017 14:51:46 by ChristnMe


The Heavens declare so much reachable as well as unreachable things that captivate our attention that only with time will man begin to understand, appreciate and acknowledge the true miracle of the Heavens. That God being self-contained wants to share His Glory with man; another marvelous creation of His, for, “we are wonderfully made” - Ps. 139:14. Often, by ourselves on a cool night or through technology, we are compelled to lo... Read More

A firm nail then a throne
Posted On 12/08/2016 09:48:35 by PastorZomok

"And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father's house." -Isaiah 22:23

In the book of Isaiah we see prognostications of what is coming to the people and a changes for both ancient Judah and Israel but one can not help to see a hint here of the coming Messiah and his glory.  First he comes to save mankind and is firmly nailed to the cross to die for us...all in the fathers firm hand (see Zech. 10:4).  After this... Read More

Letter to the Faithful - Let us pray !
Posted On 11/14/2016 23:45:53 by ChristnMe

The enemy will not be satisfied regardless of how much is done in the name of peace and goodwill for all men. For the world is not able to have balance, fairness, and justice for all. Remember, satan the prince of the air, goal is to kill, steal and destroy.


... Read More

Letter to the Faithful - Be not Conformed !
Posted On 09/12/2016 17:39:46 by ChristnMe


Don’t we know that God knew of Lucifer’s desires? Yet, in the same action, he professed to love God. What becomes his eventual demise through the acts of disobedience was planted with the seed of hypocrisy.

... Read More

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