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The Authority Of The Body
Posted On 08/29/2009 20:44:41 by freeindeed2009

The way God grants authority is twofold: sometimes, though rarely, He grants grace to us direclty; mostly He gives His riches to us indirectly- that is, God puts above you the brothers and sisters in the church who are more adavnces spiritually so that you may accept their judgment as your judgment. This will then enable you to possess their wealth without you yourself experiencing their painful experiences. God has deposited much grace in the church; but He dispenses it to each member some g... Read More

Distributions of Functions Is Also a Delegation of Authority
Posted On 08/29/2009 20:32:31 by freeindeed2009

Who would dare to disobey the Lord's authority? But let us remember that the authority of the members wich God has coordinated in the body needs to be harkened also. God has joined many members together, and it is downright rebellion for anyone to resist the help of the other members. Sometimes the Lord uses a member in a direct way but at other time he uses another member to supply the need of that member. As the head directs the eye to look the whole body must accept the seeing of that eye... Read More

Personal/spiritual Growth
Posted On 07/02/2009 20:51:42 by DrKathy_DreamDoctor

Personal Growth according to Your Personality Type By Dr Kathy Pfaff

Perhaps the most important realization that an individual can make in their quest for personal growth is that there is no single formula that defines the path to personal success. As a Christian, Our goals are to develop the characteristics of Christ, growing in hope, faith and love...the greatest being love! However, each of us also have a unique personality type that may need some character reform which ma... Read More

I Met A Man Part One
Posted On 05/30/2009 18:04:24 by therevv

This Is A Test

When you think of the title, “Pastor”, what comes to mind?  If someone were to ask you to define the term, how would you do it?  Here are a few that I found: “a person authorized to conduct religious worship”;  “an official person within a Protestant group of people”; and finally, “A man called by God a... Read More

Role call anyone?
Posted On 05/27/2009 05:31:15 by FortydayswithJesus

Role call anyone?

Remember the first day of school when the teacher called role? If you weren’t in your seat you were counted absent. Role call was a type and a shadow of what we experience in Life. You may be asking how so? Well I am glad you asked. School along with it's disciplines is designed allot like our relationship with God he calls us and if we choose not to answer the call of his Spirit, it is... Read More

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