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What Condition My Condition was In
Posted On 11/26/2009 12:27:45 by sparrow

I found a handy little Christian tool online at http://www.assess-yourself.org to aid in examining your spiritual condition... and that of your school or church.

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This Army's Battle for Change
Posted On 10/20/2009 00:33:46 by Supergirl

This Army’s Battle for Change


We know the rules.

Surely you don’t think we’re a bunch of fools?

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From the Cross
Posted On 10/06/2009 19:53:12 by Supergirl

From the Cross


Here I lay,

I have no breath to say,

“Help me!”

There is nothing I can see.

My f... Read More

The VIP Academy
Posted On 09/27/2009 06:14:57 by Supergirl

The VIP Academy


There in the far off distance we keep it.

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The Authority Of The Body
Posted On 08/29/2009 20:45:12 by freeindeed2009

The way God grants authority is twofold: sometimes, though rarely, He grants grace to us direclty; mostly He gives His riches to us indirectly- that is, God puts above you the brothers and sisters in the church who are more advanced spiritually so that you may accept their judgment as your judgment. This will then enable you to possess their wealth without you yourself experiencing their painful experiences. God has deposited much grace in the church; but He dispenses it to each member some g... Read More

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