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male/female EQUAL in MESSIAH
Posted On 02/20/2009 12:45:40 by ricoel

1TIM 2:11-12
Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.
But I suffer not a woman to teach,
nor to usurp authority over the man,
but to be in silence.

1 Timothy 2:12/13 is HOLY spirit SPEAKING through PAUL,
that a woman should not ask for teaching (be silent) from other men.
That would usurp the authority of her husband.
She should not overmind the authority of her husband.
She should learn from her husband, the head of the house, at home.
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I AM your GOD
Posted On 02/18/2009 15:59:31 by ricoel

Please read this section before viewing the graphic video.


Before GOD YHSHWH’S/JESUS’ spirit was in me I had

world business things in my head. I was believing hu... Read More

TEACHING humans of this world
Posted On 02/14/2009 14:57:05 by ricoel

This is what I have learned.

GOD, through HIS HOLY spirit in us, IS the ONE

that DRAWS HIS PEOPLE, to HIMSELF; not us.

Don’t place so much pressure on yourself. Train yourself

to LISTEN to GOD through HOLY spirit and get out

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Posted On 02/14/2009 00:13:30 by ricoel

I write this to all who want to BE spirit WARRIORS.
Don't fight to fight. Fight for a belief.

Fight for the KINGDOM of GOD.

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Read On,You're Neon.
Posted On 02/12/2009 11:25:33 by DiscountHobo

Lift up your spirits and speak up.

Read on. Read on.

Give in to them and be on your own.

Neon. Neon.

Walk up the road and breathe in the air.

Read on. Read on.

Watch the wind kick up the dirt as you get whipped with your own hair.

Neon. Neon.

Live like you want and how you know it should be.

Read on. Read on.

Do like you think and do it unhappily.

Neon. Neon.

Read on,you'r... Read More

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