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Tag: righteousness

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Letter to the Faithful - Fill on Words !
Posted On 07/25/2016 17:05:40 by ChristnMe


These curses are of words like when someone keeps telling their kid, they won’t amount to anything and that very expectation comes to pass because that’s how the kid see themselves. Any word spoken with conviction orders the angels into action. Righteous words for God’s angels and darkness words for satan’s. We see this commanding in Jesus’s life including when He spoke directly to evil spirits.

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Church Colors
Posted On 07/07/2016 03:01:32 by ChristnMe


Today’s church leaders (pastors) frown on their membership moving from one church to another. They have no right do this. Now, I am not advocating that members move from church to church as if it was a food sampling blitz that many of us do during supermarket shopping especially at those wholesale establishments. No, the church needs its body but never at the expense of being feed. Many churches have become nothing more that another organiz... Read More

Just do it !
Posted On 06/21/2016 18:24:36 by ChristnMe


It does not matter if the offence is based on truth or not and if it hurts then you know you are walking in your Christianity. God does not want zombies but beings that appreciate their flesh and blood with the Spirit as the guiding force. The hurt is what makes us precious because it causes us to look inward with the Spirit leading us into self-examination. It is a part of what makes us the righteousness of God. ... Read More

Everyday is Father's Day.
Posted On 06/18/2016 20:46:53 by ChristnMe


It is significant that God is also referred to as the Father and that as all fathers; carries and disperses the seed for and into the life of others as well as the world. He does this by his words and actions, his vision or their lack of and he does this by just living his life. He is the sower. As in ancient times and today, a man is a father to many whether he knows of them or not. Through a traditional marriage with kids or even as a single man w... Read More

A True Man.
Posted On 06/16/2016 00:51:30 by ChristnMe


Jesus has always been looked to as a reflection of what a true man of God is to be. Yet, in God’s wisdom, Jesus did not encompass all that a man in this world has the ability and availability to be. Jesus was indeed a leader, servant, and a teacher and exemplifies what all men who want to be “true-blue” should strive to be. We have been given a broad stroke as it were to the offices of men and with actual scenarios, see how Jesus set an exampl... Read More

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