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Update on Ami Ortiz from Israel
Posted On 09/08/2008 15:01:18 by Shekinah

It's actually a quiet moment, and the peace of Adonai is felt in our home tonight.  Much of this has to do with your prayer for us.

 Gently touching the memories........

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  I'm finding myself going back to the first moments and hours after the bombing quite often in my mind these days.  I believe it is good, as I was told by a trauma counselor in the hospital, Ami and all of us need to go back to the i... Read More

Babylon in Revelation
Posted On 08/07/2008 06:42:23 by PastorZomok

I've been critical of Dispensationalism but I also disagree with Preterism. They often equate the "Babylon" of the book of revelation with the city of Jerusalem and for several reasons I think one can show this to be wrong. Theres several reasons for their view. Preterists tie all prophecy up with the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. They think that is what the book of revelation is about. (needless to say, full preterism is unorthodox) They will quote revelation 11:8, where it says that the t... Read More

What about the Natives who never heard the gospel?
Posted On 07/16/2008 02:20:03 by PastorZomok

Sometimes I hear the question, "What about the innocent native who never hears the gospel of Jesus?" Sometimes those which ask this question think they are scoreing a point aganist Christianity, although most are really people that are truly concerned and want answers. First of all, the question is usually a loaded one because they will say the native is innocent!  If they are innocent then they don't need a savior!  Their innocence would be a perfect defense, but none are inno... Read More

Book Review: What's so Great About Christianity?
Posted On 04/29/2008 15:24:49 by PastorZomok

By Dinesh D'Souza-This Bestseller is certainly a good book.  First let me tell you that I had trouble finding a copy.  I first went to Borders and they had no copy and this was the third time I went to Borders in search of literature and was let down, so I no longer bother with borders.  I finally purchased my copy at Barnes and Noble.  They actually had more than a dozen on the shelf! This is something... Read More

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