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"Baby-killer SOAPBOX???"
Posted On 01/24/2009 05:22:21 by stormieangel

Father God, You say in Your Word that whatsoever we bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatsoever we loose on earth is loose in heaven. I bind you, satan, in the Holy name of Jesus. Father, I ask that you would open Treeline's eyes to the Truth concerning this issue. I know you love her, Father. And you don't want your children to be deceived. Thank you, Father, for hearing my prayer. In Jesus' Mighty name. Amen.

Treeline, you can take all that has been said about abortion....yo... Read More

The Golden Chain of Salvation
Posted On 01/10/2009 14:23:21 by PastorZomok

            The Golden chain of Salvation

Without God men are dead in their sins and will only desire Earthly delights.  And they will choose what they desire most, and to have free will they would have to be able to choose what they desire.  Their choice is both determined and free!  Natural... Read More

Ten Steps to Gracefulness
Posted On 11/11/2008 01:15:48 by write4christ

We face inconsiderate people every day, people who jump queues, people who leave things along narrow pathways, people who occupy more than their share of space in single seats within subway trains, and people who are seemingly oblivious to the existence of others or their surroundings. These are just some of the many expressions of selfishness, and if we have committed such acts at one time or other, it is not surprising.

The Cambridge Advanced Dictionary defines the word 'selfish' as... Read More

The Concept of Law vs Grace
Posted On 10/11/2008 15:19:02 by THA_GRIFF

† As I get closer in my walk with God, I start thinking, "Where is my relationship with God?" I think about some of the things I have been taught and how they don't really fit in with the relationship that I have with God. The law has always been taught to me as a must do, but I am finding out that grace has a bigger part... Read More

Not So Perfect Up Close
Posted On 10/11/2008 15:16:13 by THA_GRIFF

† Wow!!!!!!! As I am coming back from California going back through the desert, I look in the horizon and see the beautiful hills and mountains as mentioned in my last blog. But, anyways, I see a wonderful mountain / hill (whatever) and I notice that it starts from the ground in a slope and builds in size going up towards the sky. It is a seamless perfect form, smooth and straight; no way this thing could be any more perfect. But, as ... Read More

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