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It only takes two.
Posted On 05/28/2016 21:57:51 by ChristnMe

No man can be an island especially today as it is nothing more than basic mathematics that overwhelms us and makes us ineffective not only for Kingdom but for our families and church. God is the originator of networking. Through this form of partnership God has enabled His Kingdom to be established, grow and even dominate. Never mind the opposition, His will is always done in perfect timing, order, and manifestation. God is in control is the first thing that we have to conclude. As Christians... Read More

Christians do suffer....
Posted On 05/25/2016 07:23:52 by PastorZomok

Some are under the spell of thinking that God's true people are without pain and suffering as if they are so good that they are even indifferent to pain and heartache.  They are sometimes presented as always smiling and c... Read More

Think on the beautiful and worthy
Posted On 01/31/2016 13:13:54 by PastorZomok

The divine Sculptor
Posted On 01/20/2016 13:49:48 by PastorZomok

Just as Michelangelo used his various chiseling tools to form his statue of David from a marble rock, God uses circumstances, some painful, to form us into a more Christ like... Read More

...a mere mist with false hope?
Posted On 01/26/2015 14:14:03 by PastorZomok

 "..Whereas ye know not wha... Read More

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