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Name it !
Posted On 07/30/2016 00:30:46 by ChristnMe


So when we speak whatever language of taking pictures into our minds we are naming it as something that the spirit recognizes and acts upon. It is why “the eye is the lamp of the body” meaning whatever we see the brain records it and is a guide for us - Matt. 6:22. This is the same with hearing and essentially all our senses. It is why satan uses these as gateways into sin. He can only touch our spirit through the flesh. Christians must l... Read More

Transform your mind and Spirit
Posted On 02/08/2013 15:18:54 by THA_GRIFF

Transform your mind and Spirit 
Romans 12:1-21... Read More

Cry Out or Wild Out
Posted On 01/08/2010 15:51:27 by GuttaG

"Cry Out or Wild Out"

God Bless, yesterday I talk with the kids about recognizing their feelings and controling them. So I ask you, how do you act outwardly, based on how you feel inside. Do you cry out or wild out. Cry out means do you talk about it to God, parents, or friends you trust! Or do you wild out, which means keep it in to your self. And because you keep it in outwardly you wild out by lying, fighting, or desrepecting everywhere you go. When we dont know how to express our... Read More

In My Mind
Posted On 10/27/2009 19:12:29 by Supergirl

In My Mind


They begin to rush over me like the Niagara Falls.

Comparing me to all the other dolls;

Nagging me like a toddler until I surrender all.

Remin... Read More

Narrow Minded
Posted On 10/26/2009 18:33:07 by huddlm

According to Webster dictionary Narrow-minded means: limited in outlook; not liberal; bigoted; prejudiced.

I was once told by someone that I am narrowminded because of certain things that I am against in my values.  This individual tried to make me see that homosexuals should marry but my stance is that God created marriage between a man & woman thus I am narrowminded.  I had to ponder on my narrowmindness for a while before I came to the conclusion that I am not as this... Read More

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