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Generational Emotional Retardation
Posted On 11/13/2008 15:32:07 by BrokenAngeel


Emotionally retarded  


I was born to mother of indifference

Couldn't hold me and love me

Because she couldn't tell the difference

Between her own child

And her life's failures

And while each one of her babies set up trails

of life's disappointments

And the coldness of a generational aliment

See I can't get close to no one

Taught a hard life lesson

At tender age of disfunctuailit... Read More

Posted On 11/07/2008 05:32:42 by BibleRhymes

I hope you realize...

Someone's thinking about you right now.


And I hope you have a night that's good enough for your memory book, with food that's good enough for the Guinness book and dreams that are good enough for your diary (or however you store good memories).

And if you didn't get this note early enough today; I hope tomorrow night's like that for you too!

Spread love.



... Read More

Broadcasting God's Love
Posted On 10/31/2008 21:50:10 by joyalways

I live in West Palm Beach, FL; Today is 10/31/08 and, I just came home from my journey into Fort Lauderdale (riding on the accident magnet highway I-95). Driving out and back gave me a grand total of 145 minutes to contemplate, ponder, commune and conjoin with loving thoughts of how blessed I am to know God is MY friend and, listen - as I always do - to and for that small still voice from within...   I'm a spiritual being... I'm not rare; I AM lucky; I AM blessed to h... Read More

A Real Halloween Treat
Posted On 10/31/2008 00:24:15 by BibleRhymes

It seems that a large portion of the Christian population sees Halloween as a negative thing.

But if here in America we are to throw out this originally pagan holiday then we better get rid of our Easter Bunnies (which come from a 2nd century spring festival of fertility) and our Christmas trees as well. And if you wonder about the Christmas trees you can look in the Bible at Jeremiah 10: 1-4.

Yet people don't like throwing away their traditions, they never have. And that's why... Read More

Please Remember the Prayer Requests
Posted On 10/27/2008 22:52:41 by BibleRhymes

I mentioned a BibleRhymes Prayer Request page quite awhile ago.

And basically everyone that asks for requests prefers to keep them private. And I completely respect privacy and I will continue to devote my prayer time to anyone that makes a request of me.

Though I'll continue to suggest that the more eyes that see a particular prayer request will most assuredly lead to more hearts praying for the situation or individual in need.

And another person has reached out for pray... Read More

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