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Letter to the Faithful - The Principle !
Posted On 11/07/2017 00:21:33 by ChristnMe

How can we say we are for Christ when daily by our lamp do we nail Him to that wretched cross of shame. That our words and actions betray what is confessed before many of the Faith. Where has our nobility gone because the world tests us with selfish motives and disobedience to the Eternal One limited neither to the past, present or future?


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Another way to spell love
Posted On 11/01/2017 19:50:12 by PastorZomok

 Deuteronomy 15:10-

"Give" is another way to spell love.  Giving to others can certainly be out of love and mercy.  It does not have to be money but could be just helping someone carry their groceries or giving them a ride.  Kind and soft words can give another some needed comfort.  Sukkot and the the holiday seasons are here but doing good should be all the time.

pastor zomok

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Psalm 136 Mercy
Posted On 11/01/2017 15:35:23 by PastorZomok


"O give thanks unto the God of heaven: for his mercy endureth for ever."- Psalm 136:26

If the Lords mercy (checed) endures continually then there is always hope.  With this in mind, let us emulate this and try to show continual mercy toward others..

pastor Zomok

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Love is
Posted On 10/31/2017 22:55:57 by PastorZomok


First Corinthians 13 tells us that love endures continually and it is obvious that God's love pervades all things as does his mercy (Psalm 136).  We can read the scriptures and see that eventually only love and and what is lovely is lasting.  These can not eternally be fightin... Read More

Before the Bible.
Posted On 10/12/2017 13:52:43 by ChristnMe


Do you ever consider where we would be without the bible as the Word of God to inspire, guide and fill us? For most it cannot be put away from their daily walk and is a constant reminder to us as to why we oppose the world and its ways. The bible is more than just the recording of history and what was is traditionally known as the Old and New Testament. God has said if anyone alters the words in this book is automatically guaranteed t... Read More

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