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Forms of Baptism
Posted On 07/10/2008 18:02:25 by PastorZomok

As a minister I do sometimes baptise people and it is part of the Great Commission of Matthew 28.  Sometimes while talking about the subject of baptism the form or method to follow comes up in the discussion.  I don't see any great debates on this subject, but I've heard a few spirited speeches about it on Paltalk and other places. Just how should this Sacrament be looked at?

In the Greek (which is what the NT w... Read More

The Whom Forever Walks the Earth (Chapter 1)
Posted On 07/09/2008 07:58:25 by darkness_n_light

(This is a book i started writting in June of 2006. So far I have only two chapters. Please tell me what you think. (this book is starts of in fudal japan and gradually comes into our present time))

Chapter 1

This is a story of a young named Kikohna(key-ko-na). As a small child, Kikohna always did as she was told and never said no. Her mother was alwa... Read More

Abortion: self-evidently wrong
Posted On 07/05/2008 08:25:37 by PastorZomok

In our modern society truth and common sense are often ignored for the sake of selfish desire and pleasure.  Certain truths about abortion are clearly ignored.  Even if one could argue that abortion, in general, were ok, most of the time, certainly no honest person could argue and say late term and partial birth abortions are ok.  Its self-evidently wrong.  Fully developed babies are being killed just for someones convenience.  So... Read More

Questions comonly asked and my own ideas
Posted On 06/30/2008 22:18:19 by darkness_n_light

These questions area known as "Questions of the Heart and Soul" or they could be known as something else. oh well (>^.^<) Most of them are often asked and their answers vary from person to person because we all share a different view in the matter. In other words no ones answers are right or wrong. Anyways here they are:
               1. Are Heaven and Hell really there?
        ... Read More

Regeneration Precedes Faith
Posted On 06/30/2008 20:40:38 by PastorZomok

I know that many of you have heard that "Regeneration Precedes Faith", and you have paused, perhaps, thinking that the order should be reversed, however, it is a true statement.  Regeneration does precede Faith.  There are debates about the subject online as well as elsewhere.  Lets look at a few key verses....

You will notice in John 6, starting with verse 35, Jesus is in dispute with some Jews and he indicates tha... Read More

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