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The Last Days Temple
Posted On 08/04/2008 06:43:28 by PastorZomok

Last Days Temple

Tim LaHaye, and the Left-Behind cult,  sometimes speak of a "rebuilt Temple" that is going to appear in Old Jerusalem.  It is suppose to sit on the same real estate, or temple mount, that the present Dome of The Rock now resides.  Along with LaHaye theres a host of others holding a similiar eschatology (Last Days outlook).  Some of these are Hal Lindsey, Grant Jeffries, Sir John Hagee.  Of these the one I chance seeing most on televis... Read More

How to be a better Christian
Posted On 08/02/2008 21:12:59 by pastorjeff1964

How can I be a better Christian? This question has been asked by many people and I have always come up with the same answer. You CAN'T be a better Christian. In my heart I do not feel there is any such thing as a good Christian or a bad Christian or even a better Christian.

The truth is that you are either a Christian or you are not. Being a Christian is just like the Bible. It's all or nothing. We do not get to use that from the Bible that we need and just forget the rest. Being... Read More

Hi everyone
Posted On 08/02/2008 19:29:38 by pastorjeff1964

May the Grace of God be upon all of you. As you can see I am still new to YCS and as such I am posting my first blog! Also I have just finished my first book "Alter Boy to Sinner to Pastor". If you would like to read it you can get it at amazon. Also I am starting a new book and would like input from some special people. I am looking for accounts from men that have had a wife or girfriend who had an abortion that you were against. I am trying to see how the fathers felt about the abortion and... Read More

Come to Mount Zion
Posted On 08/02/2008 07:46:42 by PastorZomok

One thing I have learned is to not write a blog too long because people don't wish to read it if it rambles on and on.  Its better to give good information in as few words as reasonable.

In a recent blog I spoke of the Mark of the Beast being a counterfeit to the Mark of the Lamb, which the 144,000 have upon them, (Rev. 7).  I also indicated that this number is symbolic and represents a completeness and the true Church.  The formula is: 12 Apostles times 12 tribes t... Read More

Posted On 07/30/2008 13:01:18 by debralyn91



Exerts from a letter by J. Phillips

Brothers and sisters,
I have something of the greatest urgency to tell you.

Did you know that the Bill of Rights has been essentially abolished since 9/11. Any person can now legally be detained, arrested, tortured, and executed without being charged or told why. This was approved by Congress, the President, and Vice-President.

Interestingly, the wording has been changed... Read More

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