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Letter to the Faithful - This Day !
Posted On 12/20/2016 21:47:49 by ChristnMe


This day! Is the day to awake to what has been given unto you, for a child has been born for you. Having no choice in His path but out of obedience to the eternal Father, He came to be born placed in innocence in the cradle of sin. His birth the beginning of sacrifice for you, the fallen man. This day, do remember His silence as a lamb to be for you the substitute and forsake not His Anointment by the world standards. F... Read More

Christmas, A Season of Rejoicing or receiving Gifts!
Posted On 12/15/2016 20:07:36 by ChristnMe

It's that time a year again when people around the world look to their relatives and friends for gifts to celebrate and in spite of the reason for the season. Let's face it; Christmas is now viewed as a time when the sharing of gifts is nothing more than a quid pro quo ritual. Most people are making a list and checking it twice and texting it to each other as to what they want on Christmas day, making sure to keep the receipts just in case they want to exchange it for something else. It shoul... Read More

In His Image.
Posted On 11/23/2016 20:23:52 by ChristnMe


Have you ever wondered what does it mean to be created in the image of God - Gen. 1:27. It is exactly as the Bible states. This is why Adam; the first edition of this image could commune with God and had the Godly abilities of creation by Faith. Like a mold that is used to make several copies of the same item over and over so was the intention of God to make copies of Himself through Adam and Eve.

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Letter to the Faithful - Be in the know !
Posted On 11/06/2016 23:36:21 by ChristnMe

Many think inwardly not realizing this only leads to the flesh taking hold. And yet, being of the body, ought to know our God knows it all. That no matter how the physical seems, only the Spiritual matters. So many are swayed by those who give false promises and by fear many condone there rhetoric. How can one know the scenes behind the facades except for the Spirit’s Revelations of it?


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To be focus or not to be.
Posted On 11/03/2016 00:37:14 by ChristnMe


It is not difficult to understand the devil. He was after all “at the top” of God’s Heavenly Kingdom. A “focal point of light” that commanded presence and maybe even admiration from fellow Angels. He had it made. Everyone one of us would have to admit that at some point in our life we too felt to be at the “top of the world” or at least desired to be recognized, admired and acknowledged.

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