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UPDATE: "FEAR", part 12, and our NEW series
Posted On 06/25/2008 09:14:04 by LionandLamb

Dear Friends,

We will be uploading the conclusion to our 12 part series “FEAR”, later today. We will keep you updated when it becomes available for viewing.

Thank you all for your support and e-mails, and questions. This series really seemed to bring to light the things that so many of us are afraid of, and FEAR.

Our next series is entitled “Satan, Demons, and the Occult”. So b... Read More

The LORD Jesus Christ IS God...Take a look:
Posted On 06/24/2008 18:20:49 by LionandLamb

The LORD jesus Christ IS God. This is a statement that has gotten quite a beating through the years. Here is a short study to help you all remember and keep foremost in your hearts and minds who it is that we serve as Christians and Messianic Jews.

<font style="font-family:'Time... Read More

"FEAR", part 11. What is the Meaning of Psalm 91?
Posted On 06/23/2008 17:27:17 by LionandLamb

FEAR, part 11. This Episode: What is the Meaning of Psalm 91? Another MUST See!< ;/CENTER>
< embed src="http://www.veoh.com/veohplayer.swf?permalinkId=v14241125EFXct KN2&id=970663&player=v ideodetailsembedded&affili ateId=&videoAutoPlay=0" allowFullScreen="true" width="540" height="438" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" type="application/x-shockwave- flash" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.... Read More

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