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Posted On 07/13/2008 05:39:54 by PastorZomok

A title that jesus often used in referring to himself was "Son Of Man".  All four gospels portray jesus using this special title.  It is not, as some say, a title of simply being another human, but instead is a special title for the divine Logos and the anointed one.  jesus obviously was identifying himself with the special "Son Of Man" that we see in the book of Daniel, chapter 7, verses 13 and 14. who is seen coming on clouds and has all power and glory.  Every... Read More

Forms of Baptism
Posted On 07/10/2008 18:02:25 by PastorZomok

As a minister I do sometimes baptise people and it is part of the Great Commission of Matthew 28.  Sometimes while talking about the subject of baptism the form or method to follow comes up in the discussion.  I don't see any great debates on this subject, but I've heard a few spirited speeches about it on Paltalk and other places. Just how should this Sacrament be looked at?

In the Greek (which is what the NT w... Read More

The Gospel of Thomas is not a Gospel
Posted On 07/09/2008 06:26:01 by PastorZomok

Every now and then I will hear a teacher promoting non-inspired books and false gospels such as the so-called "Gospel of Thomas".  These individuals can sometimes be found on late night talk programs where they will prattle on sometimes for an hour.  Its their thesis that certain "gospels" were arbitrarily rejected by the early church and even suppressed.  They will even treat the "Gospel of Thomas" as if it is eq... Read More

Blessed are the (meek)?
Posted On 07/08/2008 20:07:07 by PastorZomok

In Matthew 5, verse 5 we read, "Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the Earth."  This is the King James rendering.  I ask myself about the word "meek" used here and wonder if its speaking of a weakling sort of personality as actor Don Knotts use to portray in some of his old movies. I've been down this road before in study but I decided a few nights ago to study it again because in English usage it sometimes seems t... Read More

Bible translations or Versions
Posted On 07/03/2008 06:27:39 by PastorZomok

Sometimes a person will ask me to recommend a good Bible translation.  I usually tell them that I am not at all certain which is best, but I always tell them to avoid the so-called "Living Bible" of Charles Taylor.  This "bible" is possibly the worst of versions.  Mr. Taylor has worked into the text his own theology and his bible is no good for study purposes.  The "New Living Translation" is a revised version of this and is better but still to be avoided.  I usually... Read More

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