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Bless fellow Christians and others too.
Posted On 06/07/2011 12:41:41 by PastorZomok

Genesis 12:3--

We often hear Genesis 12:3-4 quoted.  God told Abram that he would bless Abram and bless those that bless Abram, but also curse those that curse Abram.  he also indicated that through Abram all the world would be blessed.  This is specifically applied to Abram (later Abraham) and his immediate family; not some other group or clan.  Sadly (in my opin.) this text has been incorrec... Read More

Christ: The Shekinah Glory.
Posted On 03/27/2011 13:44:11 by PastorZomok

"He is the Radiance of the Glory of God......" (Hebrews 1:3)

In a recent blog/essay I indicated that Jesus is the true bread from heaven (John 6:35-51) and the shewbread within the ancient wilderness tabernacle points to him.  I have also indicated several times that the whole wilderness tabernacle and the various furnishings point to various aspects of the later New Covenant and the Messiah Jesus Christ (ou... Read More

I support the little Jewish state but....
Posted On 08/11/2010 21:51:42 by PastorZomok

It is not a prophetic regathering of Israel!

I support the small state of israel as a homeland and sanctuary of the Jewish people but it is very misleading to say it and the politics of 1948 are somehow prophetic.  We have seen sundry prediction of dates being set and all of these have proven an utter waste of time when speaking of a final generation...... ... Read More

The 1000 year binding of Satan~~
Posted On 07/14/2010 08:35:20 by PastorZomok

Revelation 20:1-3

It is my humble view that the binding of Satan at the start of the symbolic 1000 years, in Revelation 20, squares with the start of the gospel age.  Satan has lost much power and authority with the ministry work of the messiah.  It does not mean that all satanic activities have stopped, but rather his activities have been greatly curtailed... Read More

Is Modern Israel a Fulfillment of Prophecy? by Samuele Bacchiocchi
Posted On 05/19/2010 09:51:11 by heartbeat54

Many evangelical Christians believe the establishment of the state of israel in 1948 was a fulfillment of numerous Old Testament prophecies about the restoration of israel to its homeland and that this in turn reveals the nearness of the rapture, the Tribulation, and the return of Christ. Hal Lindsey asserts that the political restoration of israel in 1948 is “the most important prophetic sign to herald the era of Christ’s return.”

Israel’s establishment as a nation is in... Read More

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