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Tag: humility

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Faces of Humility
Posted On 11/09/2009 06:18:34 by sureclarity

Humility carries an image of shaggy socks, ill-fitting clothes, and a slouching, deflated posture that shouts: “I’m worthless.” It’s a Charlie Brown unable to do anything right. It’s Casper Milquetoast being stepped on by everyone.

It's also a popular idea of what a Christian ought to be. After all, people say, 'Didn't Jesus say the meek shall inherit the earth?' (Matthew 5:5). And d... Read More

The Churches Mistake
Posted On 02/25/2009 03:05:08 by JBoulet

It has taken me much turmoil and strife to learn that thinking and believing that you are better then someone else is nothing but a thing of the flesh. All are equal in Gods eyes, and all are equally as guilty. Well someone might say “I don't fornicate, I don't cuss, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. I go to church, I shout, I run around.” That is all fine and dandy, you abstain from things. How you act does not purify you before your creator, belief in Christ as the only begotten Son and... Read More

My Confession
Posted On 11/23/2008 22:26:47 by BibleRhymes

As I began writing the BibleRhymes series, my life changed direction. I thought I would write a book or two, to help kids understand the Bible in a fun, easy way.

And next thing I knew I was writing blogs about God and answering prayer requests and going to schools to read to children.

And as each day passed by it felt like the Lord was trying to lean on me a little bit more. It seemed like He wanted me to give Him everything and keep producing more fun stories for kids and offeri... Read More

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