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Letter to the Faithful - Hope !
Posted On 12/27/2016 18:46:57 by ChristnMe


Christ is our priest, intercessor, advocate and Lord in all things and that of our hope; who authors and is the finisher of it. So set aside the weight of this life and work diligently for the promises made to us from old and prepare to renew the body, mind, and spirit to all that is Righteous before our God.

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The Holy Spirit and Counseling
Posted On 08/10/2016 01:33:28 by PastorZomok


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Jeremiah's Hope should be ours
Posted On 07/03/2016 13:54:59 by PastorZomok


As weeping Jeremiah lamented the fall of Jerusalem he still had hope as he penned in Lamentations 3:21-23.....

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Amillennialism and resurrection
Posted On 06/29/2016 18:35:19 by PastorZomok

There is, of course, controversy on the nature of the "millennium" of Revelation Chapter 20 and its nature and also Bible scholars debate the nature of the two resurrections mentioned therein.

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Christians do suffer....
Posted On 05/25/2016 07:23:52 by PastorZomok

Some are under the spell of thinking that God's true people are without pain and suffering as if they are so good that they are even indifferent to pain and heartache.  They are sometimes presented as always smiling and c... Read More

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