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Day - 2 Thinking About It!
Posted On 12/26/2011 21:47:49 by Homelessrob

Thinking, thinking, thinking! Where to go from here. Options are limited! Lets see where I'm at.....

clothing: check
hygiene products: check
money: nope, Why I all of the sudden decided to toss my last 40 out of 50$ I had into a overdrawn account last night I'll never know! Had to smile about that one!
lets see
friends: None here in Tampa, just me!
work: check! I do have a foot in day labor! Thank god for the small ones! That should get me just enough money to eat and at... Read More

Hopelessrob Day 1
Posted On 12/26/2011 21:42:08 by Homelessrob

Day -1

So here it is Day 1.... again! What is this? The 4th time in the last 4 years. Maybe that's wishful thinking. It probaly more like 5 times. LOL! Got to have a sense of humor when your standing fresh on the side of the road with your bags and no place to go. Got to love it. I don't! But I've been here before and am not so scared this time (that's a lie)! Less then 50$ in pocket doesn't help. I said to myself if this happens again I was going to document it and I wish I... Read More

good in life
Posted On 12/29/2008 18:47:33 by godrocks45

well it all stared when i woke up kinda mad at my boyfriend for not comeing over so i went for a walk to in old friend place when i got there no one was home so i stared to go back  and i seethis homeless women getting cans out of a trash can so i am just seating on the sidewalk thinking and she comes up to me and saids i dont know much engles but i do know this dont take life  like  there nothing there always find the hope the god brings you beacse you only live once . then sh... Read More

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