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Day - 10 Waiting
Posted On 01/01/2012 16:00:20 by Homelessrob

One of the worst parts about being homeless in the wait! Everything (even the simple things) take time. Right now I'm waiting on supplies for my project that I ordered on the web. After that maybe I can get my phone turned back on. My goals are not going to change because I have to wait. House, car, and my kids! Will I make it? Who knows? I cant become comfortable with being homeless, don't think I ever could. But this is the hand I was dwelt and I have to believe God will lift me up and get... Read More

Day - 8 Doors Close and Open
Posted On 12/31/2011 13:52:09 by Homelessrob

So much has happened the last few days I don't even know where to Begin. I suppose with the couch. I want back to it. I was in need. It had rained all day and the ground was wet. Also, I was tired. The door was locked and that broke my heart. They must have seen me on the camera and I'm grateful I didn't get into trouble. However, this wasn't good for me but this is why I keep a few spots handy. Just in case of things like this! I decided to go to my other spot, the park. Along the way I ... Read More

Day - 6 Working On It
Posted On 12/28/2011 22:32:28 by Homelessrob

In college ( a special program I did for homeless people to get cough up and ready for real college) I had 5 classes, including spelling and writing. The lowest grade I made was a 97%! Not bad for a guy that didn't even graduate. But still, I must apologize for me bad spelling and grammar. Its just something I cant do and wouldn't stick if I could do it.

There are some things I'm smart at. Manufacturing work ( I'm a pit bull with that, good luck finding someone at my level) and surviv... Read More

Day - 4 The Movement
Posted On 12/27/2011 20:48:48 by Homelessrob

I have a plan and a goal. Now Its time to start making moves. Will I make it or will I fail? I have no idea. Just got to keep the faith and find out. Last night I found a good spot to sleep. however I'm loosing a lot of sleep the last few days. I guess that's OK for now. But if I start falling asleep in random places I'm going to have to do something about that. The place i found was in a sort of office building. It had a very small lobby and I stayed on the small love seat they had for... Read More

Day - 3 The Plan
Posted On 12/27/2011 20:46:25 by Homelessrob

Still working on it! Pulling it all together now. Don't have much to work with tho. I think I'm going to be doing some walking..... cross country! Starting here in Tampa Florida and heading west first.

Last night was hard, it rained! I got drenched and so did my stuff (which I have stashed in some brush right now). I stayed under a pourch with a roof in front of this bar like sort of place. It was pretty open. Anyone that was looking in my direction would have seen me. But I drie... Read More

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