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Please Remember the Prayer Requests
Posted On 10/27/2008 22:52:41 by BibleRhymes

I mentioned a BibleRhymes Prayer Request page quite awhile ago.

And basically everyone that asks for requests prefers to keep them private. And I completely respect privacy and I will continue to devote my prayer time to anyone that makes a request of me.

Though I'll continue to suggest that the more eyes that see a particular prayer request will most assuredly lead to more hearts praying for the situation or individual in need.

And another person has reached out for pray... Read More

What Good Can I Do Today?
Posted On 10/27/2008 05:10:11 by BibleRhymes

If I could give the whole world homework, I would have everybody take home one question to answer.

But after they figured out the answer...

Then they'd have to be like Nike and "Just Do It."

The question for us all to answer is, "What good can I do today?"

Not what good can we do for ourselves, rather someone else. And if we're really thinking with our minds in the right place, it's not about doing good for someone who will then return the favor.

It's about... Read More

Desert Life
Posted On 10/11/2008 15:26:43 by THA_GRIFF

†  As I travel through the mojave desert and see many wonderful things made by God's hands, I see the valleys and hills and huge mountains and I can't help but to think about my life with and without God in my life. I think of how just when I think that is a mountain I soon realize, oh too soon, that was just a hill and the real mount... Read More

Shrink Jeans???
Posted On 08/05/2008 07:49:11 by dreamer96

Hey YCS members, hope you are having a good day... I'm doing alright, I've been working out more and lost about an inch off hips, and now my jeans that i usually wear are very BAGGY. And I wanted to ask if there was any way to shrink a pair of jeans a size smaller?? Cause I don't want to trash a perfectly good pair of jeans away (and also a few of them I still like!)... So if anyone knows a way to shrink jeans a size smaller, plz comment me! TY have a good day, God Bless!

... Read More

Midwest Flooding:Francis Frangipane
Posted On 07/16/2008 22:20:08 by Shekinah

July 12, 2008

How Blessed is He
Who Considers the Helpless

Flood Update:

A number of you asked to be updated concerning flood recovery here, and we greatly appreciate your concern. Until you see the devastation, its really hard to imagine the costs, both financially and emotionally. Estimates to repair the city and prevent future flooding will be well over a billion dollars, and that does not include costs to residents: more than 5,000 homes were damag... Read More

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