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Jesus loves the
Posted On 10/15/2010 01:11:54 by mosjos

Mosjos Mission Church is working among the uncared poorest people of the society. Christmas is fast approaching . For the Annual Christmas celebrations we are in need of money. So far we have not received any finincial help. We have managed ourself . Now due to the recession we a... Read More

Posted On 08/05/2010 09:45:15 by sureclarity

Our “adopted” son’s son was hiking at Multnomath Falls in Oregon when he went missing at dark – my husband just in from work and said there has still been no word. This is a tricky landscape; very slippery & steep. And DARK even in daytime because it’s shaded.

Our son, Carl, was raised in the Word though he is not walking close with the Lord now he did ask my husband to get on the Prayer Chain before he left for Oregon.

... Read More

Mission trip
Posted On 05/12/2010 03:31:49 by Starcat224

So... last year, I was going to go on a mission trip to peru, I didn't end up going, because I didn't get the funds together, but teen mania(the people I'm going with) saved my money, so I'm going on a mission trip this year.... I believe that if God wants me to go on these trips that he will provide, but I am asking for this... please pray, pray for me that I will get the money... and if by any chance God asks you to give, please let me know... you can give online at globalexpeditions.com&nb... Read More

Do You Like Nice Things?
Posted On 09/01/2009 11:11:30 by BibleRhymes

A friend asked me a question yesterday that caught me off guard. The query was, “Why don’t you like nice things?”

All I could muster for a reply at first was a quizzical look. I followed that up with a, “Huh?”

And the question was repeated, “Why don’t you like nice things??”

I sat there still holding on to my confused expression. I was thinking to myself, "I like lots of nice things. What is she trying to imply?!"

And then it hit me. I said, "Oh, yo... Read More

Posted On 06/24/2009 00:52:09 by pokibear_100

god has helped me through difficult times if he can help me he can help you i promise he will never ignore you

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