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Happy Goood Friday!!!
Posted On 04/02/2010 08:27:57 by BibleRhymes

If you know why today's a good Friday, then bask in it and enjoy it. It's not a historical day of something sad happening, it's a day of fresh, new life. Quite well timed with the freshness of spring.

I'm personally refreshed and fully confident that "death" is simply a transition into the next world. I was told today that I'd never be able to see a lady again who means the world to me (my Dad's secretary). Only her family can see her now.

Well, that's until I tran... Read More

Posted On 11/27/2009 13:59:20 by sureclarity

Holidays are really hard for me, and always have been because the family is so dysfunctional for reasons the God knows about and is doing His best to right. Anyway, long story short – the past two years have been devastating to me because of our adult children’s bitterness … but especially because I have not seen or heard from my only daughter and granddaughter in two years: my heart is broken, and until recently I thought I’d never be happ... Read More

Works of the Faithful
Posted On 11/19/2009 08:39:24 by sureclarity

Works do not guarantee our salvation, but because of our salvation we are encouraged to {good works} so that others may see our actions and glorify God because of them. We are not to do good works for self gratification – that is a sin of pride. A person who knows Yeshua intimately will not need to be reminded to do good towards others, it will be a natural reaction as God's love flows through them to those that need help.

... Read More

New Songs
Posted On 11/18/2009 15:48:13 by dj_nlyte

New Song posted 'He's so good (remix)' Let's see if we can hit 1000 plays before Saturday, check it out and let me know what you think. It's Hot Hot Hot!!!

<embed type="application/x-shockwave- flas... Read More

Pulling Good Out of Bad
Posted On 08/28/2009 02:53:45 by BibleRhymes

This has been a strange year for me. Last October before the release of BibleRhymes' Christmas Story I was supposed to have a brand new, "award-winning" website, wonderful animated books, fun games ... a lot of things were supposed to happen that didn't.

A company I was working with to complete the projects misspent my money and claimed bankruptcy (all in the name of Christ). Unfortunately for them they're having to deal with the attorney general of their state now. Unfortunately for m... Read More

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