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About apologizing
Posted On 07/03/2013 05:33:52 by PastorZomok

Sometimes it can be difficult to admit that you did something wrong, which caused hurt to another person, and then to apologize to that person, along with explaining yourself.  Also sometimes you might find the need t... Read More

Day - 14 A Good Fight
Posted On 01/04/2012 17:11:26 by Homelessrob

The homeless fight is always a good one. The fight to survive on the streets and make it to a place to call home might be the hardest thing you ever do. It is for me. Just when I get something down right something else comes loose. Having a good life is all about keeping every angle tied down right and allowing no loose ends. Unfortunately for me...... I figured it out to late. ... Read More

The Sovereign God
Posted On 06/30/2011 00:07:43 by PastorZomok

John 9    &

In John chapter 9 we find the story of Jesus healing a blind man.  The disciples see the blind fellow and they ask the Lord, 'Who sinned that caused this man to be born blind, his parents or did his own sin cause this?'  Jesus told them that sin was not the cause but that the man was born blind so that the power of God would be seen as a sign (the sixth).  Jesus made a mud... Read More

More thoughts on the Great Commission
Posted On 05/26/2011 08:11:16 by PastorZomok

Matthew 28:19~Mark 16:15

At the end of Matthew the lord tells us to go into all the world and promote the Goodnews to all nations and people. And this would mean every corner to every creature.  This has nearly been completed. We know that missionary work has been endless.

There is also the cyber world and its hidden corners, much of which is overloo... Read More

Life Song Sings
Posted On 05/02/2011 01:00:22 by toni2013renee


A really good video on youtube! check it out. Its goood =) Whatcha think..?

... Read More

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