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How to be a better Christian
Posted On 08/02/2008 21:12:59 by pastorjeff1964

How can I be a better Christian? This question has been asked by many people and I have always come up with the same answer. You CAN'T be a better Christian. In my heart I do not feel there is any such thing as a good Christian or a bad Christian or even a better Christian.

The truth is that you are either a Christian or you are not. Being a Christian is just like the Bible. It's all or nothing. We do not get to use that from the Bible that we need and just forget the rest. Being... Read More

Hi everyone
Posted On 08/02/2008 19:29:38 by pastorjeff1964

May the Grace of god be upon all of you. As you can see I am still new to YCS and as such I am posting my first blog! Also I have just finished my first book "Alter Boy to Sinner to Pastor". If you would like to read it you can get it at amazon. Also I am starting a new book and would like input from some special people. I am looking for accounts from men that have had a wife or girfriend who had an abortion that you were against. I am trying to see how the fathers felt about the abortion and... Read More

Posted On 08/01/2008 13:56:07 by dreamer96

I really want a few answers to this, cause I want to know if you think:

Being Psychic is a:

Gift from god


A Sin from Satan?

Cause Syilvia Browne is Psychic, and she connects to, Spirit Guides, Ghosts, People who passed on, etc. But lots of people say she is a liar, "high," devil, list goes on... and IDK if its true or not, I personally believe she is Psychic, and its not a bad thing. But that's my view, I want to know someone elses opinion... TY if you com... Read More

God has one Chosen people
Posted On 07/27/2008 05:05:48 by PastorZomok

After reading this blog you might think that you have been wrongly led by others or even duped into a viewpoint that is not scriptural. I hope you will at a least be stimulated into investigating the issue.

It is about the Chosen People; God's Chosen People, and who they are.  It is also about the fact that he really has ONE Chosen people.

Many of you have been taught that god has two plans.  One of these is for the Jews and the other is for the Gentiles.  This doctrine or... Read More

Can you lose your Salvation?
Posted On 07/24/2008 21:14:23 by PastorZomok

Can a Christian lose his or her Salvation?  This is a question I hear and see often and it is debated online and elsewhere.  My answer to the question is NO!  There are several verses and points to consider about this. Look at Hebrews 12:2.  It tells us that god is the author and finisher of your faith. Now why would god start something but not finish it? Now take notice of Romans chapter 8, verses 28-39.  Here we see the ordo Salutis.  god is not going to start&... Read More

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