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The City of God, by Augustine
Posted On 06/26/2008 17:47:44 by PastorZomok

One does not have to agree with the works of Saint Augustine on every point to appreciate the grandeur of his literature.  I want my fellow believers to learn and learn to think.  The various works of Augustine are good for this purpose.  A cousin of mine is a parent that homeschools a 13 year old, and she asked me to suggest literature to have her son read and study.  I told her to examine the Bible more deeply and suggested the book of Eccles... Read More

The LORD Jesus Christ IS God...Take a look:
Posted On 06/24/2008 18:20:49 by LionandLamb

The LORD Jesus Christ IS God. This is a statement that has gotten quite a beating through the years. Here is a short study to help you all remember and keep foremost in your hearts and minds who it is that we serve as Christians and Messianic Jews.

<font style="font-family:'Time... Read More

experience Him personally, for yourself
Posted On 02/09/2008 10:28:18 by BiographyMinistries

Hi There!
My name is Tom Hudson. The main purpose of this blog is to save you alot of time & trouble from what I've already went through and to help boost you by leaps & bounds into a real relationship with the living God. That's what you were created for and that's what He is waiting for. All you have to do is "read & pray!" That's all you have to do. It's that simple. This is what I did to come to know god personally and to experience the reality of His presense in... Read More

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